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  1. Vanderbilt alumni are not laughing.
  2. Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, CITIZEN KANE, The Beatles, Beethoven, Charles Dickens, and on and on and on.
  3. Right. But most schools that become rivals also have a common basis academically. Army-Navy, Harvard-Yale, Michigan-OhioState, Vanderbilt-Trump University, etc.
  4. I don't understand why Duke and UNC are considered such great rivals. They are not at all comparable academically.
  5. I'm a fan of pre-1980's boxing. After Frazier went down, I basically lost interest.
  6. I do not drive anymore, either, but I lug my bags on public transit busses, which is only about a 10 minute trip, and only requires two blocks of walking.
  7. Music is music? Do you like disco, new wave, post-punk, house, classic rock, classic soul, rockabilly, and doo-w o p, as I do?
  8. Your post implies that most jazz music was written and recorded many years ago.
  9. At his rallies, he will still be talking about the details of his victory over Hillary. Since then, nothing has gone right.
  10. Maybe if you told them that he's the guy who played "man" in PSYCHO, that would ring a bell.
  11. The lack of coverage is understandable. His name is unrecognizable to at least 95% of adults.
  12. ..and he is viewed by Republicans as an interloper in the party. He has no relationship with any of the Congressman. If Pence were President, HE could have pushed it through.
  13. ...or I could join one of those matchmaking bureaus as portrayed in Hitchcock's FRENZY------"lovely, lovely"
  14. He's the first President since Nixon who basically does no exercise.
  15. It will drop below 39% after the health care defeat. For the long term, 0% is not out of the question.
  16. Apparently, dealmaking is a science, not an art.
  17. If you had bought THREE record albums every week, they wouldn't have gone out of business.
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