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Everything posted by DownGoesFrazier

  1. It's considered rude to bother a person who's doing his personal business.
  2. The next step should be his recusing himself from Washington D.C.
  3. They figured that most people have seen the film about 200 times on TCM so, baby, they didn't care.
  4. What would be a BIG noir? Most noirs do not break the bank, budget-wise.
  5. He was on a comfort break. Just as the couple said "I do", there was the sound of a flushing toilet.
  6. The Ivy League had basketball teams. I went to two of the Ivy schools as an undergrad. Does Bill Bradley qualify?
  7. Angela Lansbury in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. Heh. heh. heh.
  8. I don't get your question, but Chamberlain went to Overbrook High in Philly, a traditional basketball power. I went to Northeast High.
  9. Everyone? You may be assuming more widespread interest in your daily schedule than actually exists.
  10. This year's upcoming NFL draft will be held on the steps of Philly's Art Museum, about 50 yards from my residence. They've already started to set up. This promises to be sheer bedlam.
  11. The discrepancy between Doris at 95 or 93 is even finding it's way onto sports shows. It was mentioned by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon last night.
  12. The fact that it lacks heart is probably intentional, and is one thing that makes the film so unique.
  13. Have you seen any of these seniors interviewed about that?
  14. I thought that that was the college one went to if he wanted to become a competitive eater. .......Fifty hot dogs in ten minutes? No problem.
  15. I heard a conversation between two women....One---."I'll bet I've had more abortions than you". The other---"Care to make it interesting?"
  16. The two have the same tailor. They met in the waiting room.
  17. Some people may have thought that this was a school where they could learn how to play bridge.
  18. A couple years ago, only the intelligentsia knew that Trump was a crook.
  19. I'm tired of the same schools winning all the time, especially North Carolina.
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