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Everything posted by DownGoesFrazier

  1. Book stores used to be a good place to pick up women. Scratch that. At least most people don't do their FOOD shopping online.
  2. From now on I'll buy my single ply toilet tissue at Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale's.
  3. Is that much internet shopping done by people who have little money?
  4. Sales taxes tend to be regressive, while income taxes are supposed to be progressive.
  5. Ever since Roebuck departed, it hasn't been the same.
  6. Does the White House have a cleavage limitation rule?
  7. Candidates are not in the fact-checking spotlight to the degree that Presidents are.
  8. Good move, Nunes. Go run and tell Daddy Trump.
  9. Maybe he'll have golf instruction programs for the poor.
  10. At least Brazile knows how to apologize, unlike some other people.
  11. I've really never heard anyone say "I'm looking at a book".
  12. You can get away with being a pathological liar in most occupations. You cannot get away with it as President, where everything you say is fact-checked.
  13. Gowdy and Trump became close friends at the weekly meetings of the Bad Haircut Club.
  14. I sure wish they will get to the conclusion before Trump is re-elected to a second term. Pay these guys as much overtime as is needed,
  15. Baffled by your post, but Chrissie and Stevie are two of rock's greatest females.
  16. A truly pathetic performance at the hearings by S.C. Congressman Gowdy. Whether there was collusion with the Russians is irrelevant. What matters is the leaks. Is he for real?
  17. That was a film? I had a better-known film in mind.
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