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  1. She was a famous pop/jazz singer He was known for playing a villain or tough guy in films.
  2. He could have the world's biggest agenda, but since he's lying about it, what's the difference?
  3. He has put together a cabaret act in case he gets toppled from power. He might have to play the clubs in Siberia.
  4. How did she get home if she had no slacks to wear? Reminds me of Kramer on "Seinfeld" where he sells the clothes off his back and has to call Jerry to bring him some clothes.
  5. Every thread, no matter how tasteful, admirable, and on-point, gets derailed eventually.
  6. Was there an Apollo-type black music theatre in Detroit that had a lot of white kids that went? The Uptown in Philly did. (I believe the theatre in Detroit may have been the Royal.)
  7. Yeah, but the weather still is terrible. It's very slippery, and it's cold and windy today. We almost made it to Spring without trauma, but not quite.
  8. If this was well known, it would have scandalized her Speaker of the House father.
  9. I am doubling down on this. The reason is that Philly had several very popular white DJs who played mostly black music and brought their listeners along with them. I was one of those listeners. Back to you.
  10. I suspect that this is a tougher question than it first appeared to be.
  11. I'm sure the Beatles were more popular in the South than in Philly, where most white kids were into black music, more than anywhere else.
  12. Putin was initially very popular in Russia because he was a serious leader, in contrast to the buffoon Boris Yeltsin, and he used this popularity to steamroll everything in his path. Now even if Russians don't like him, nothing can be done about it.
  13. She was unseen. Sort of like Edward my Son, Larry Mondello's father or Lt. Columbo's wife.
  14. If the Health care package just proposed to replace Obamacare were to be enacted, the people most disadvantaged would be those in his base.
  15. If they wanted older men for Audrey, they should have paired her with Robert Cummings, who took, like, 100 vitamins a day.
  16. I believe Grant was in his late fifties for those films.
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