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  1. I agree that it was to a much lesser extent. But I still cringed a bit.
  2. Cooper, Bogart, and Fred Astaire. I just saw FUNNY FACE this weekend. She should have balanced the scales by being romanced by Tony Dow.
  3. He sang James Brown's "If I Ruled the World".
  4. I have really hammered away on this clue, but haven't found an appropriate husband.
  5. Maybe the point is that the films you mentioned have a lot of wisecracks, even though the body count may be high. My recollection of DETOUR is that is virtually yuk-free.
  6. Isn't a good noir SUPPOSED to be unrelentingly dark? We're not talking SINGIN IN THE RAIN here.
  7. Post it. Someone can distract the moderator.
  8. They are interested in saving their own skins. Period.
  9. ..and even though he's not going to Camp David, little is being saved on expenses for that facility.
  10. My bad. I guess I haven't been watching right at the beginning of the prime time films lately.
  11. Love, Fools, Enchanted-------nowhere
  12. Right. April Stevens. I've thought of every film with April in the title. Still, I'm nowhere.
  13. Putin is not an appropriate subject for comedy.
  14. I've noticed it. It's the first time they've used it without Robert doing the intro. It's obviously in his memory.
  15. I loved the introductory thing( I don't know what else to call it---the one that says "feature presentation") to all the films he introduced. Ir was never used for the films that Ben introduced. I assume that will not be used any more. Too bad.
  16. If Trump was listening, this will be the subject of tomorrow's 3 AM tweet.
  17. The helicopter buzzing the Federal government area of Washington D.C. was operated by Mr. Heatter.
  18. Pair Tiffany with Drew Barrymore, and they can discuss their shoes.
  19. It seems as if the word "wild" must be in the title.
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