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Everything posted by DownGoesFrazier

  1. Perhaps because, knock wood, I've been very healthy, I haven't been familiar with Obamacare at all. And I'm having trouble grasping the replacement possibilities. Maybe because I haven't tried very hard.
  2. As a tribute to Osborne, "The Essentials" should be retired. It was on life support anyway.
  3. Crush for life? Crushing people was apparently a hobby of his.
  4. Lying Jeff? Not to be confused with Lying Ted and Crooked Hillary.
  5. That film has already mentioned a few times on this thread. If any film may be pinpointed as his VERY favorite, this may be the one. It would be inexcusable for TCM not to show it as part of his tribute.
  6. He's wasting all this taxpayer's money on Mar-a-Lago security and congressional investigation of his frivolous accusations, something important has to go. Medicare?
  7. Someone at TCM should weed through "Bob's picks", choose the very best, and include them in the tribute.
  8. I'm confused where you say "7 of Stanley Donen's". The first 3 listed are not Stanley Donen films.
  9. His next step is to take aim at the psychiatric profession when he reads what they are saying about him. They are obviously all controlled by the liberal media.
  10. Possibly, but just as likely is that his tweet finger operates independently of his brain,
  11. I wasn't aware that he ever outed himself, but apparently he recently did.
  12. The fact that most of those on these boards weren't sure about it means that he has effectively been outed. I'm sure that many of us haven't read any of the obituaries that mentioned it. ...If I am wrong, my bad.
  13. ..and they're gradually finding more Russian ties in Trump's business deals. By the way, who is this guy Anthony Scarpetti (sp?), a friend of Trump). He's as big a liar as Trump.
  14. Noteworthy is THE MONEY TRAP (1965). Watching it you'd think it was made in 1948. (A clue that it wasn't is the presence of the startlingly aged Rita Hayworth).
  15. I assume, as part of the tribute, TCM will rerun some of his best interviews, best Essentials discussions, and even some of his intros and outros for his favorite films.
  16. Those who know of other favorites of his should definitely post them.
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