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  1. I saw the Movies and Moguls exhibit at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station today. Though it was smaller than I thought it would be, it was enjoyable, and quite interesting. The costumes were in great shape and the mini documentaries were great. I met Tony, a technical worker for TCM, who was a very polite young man.He is just getting into classic movies himself, and did a lot of listening to some of us gathered together and discussing our favorites. It was a great time. I hope more of you have a chance to see the exhibit when it comes around. Thanx, TCM!
  2. LLouise

    Boy Meets Girl

    HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! Finally, one of my fave comedies will be on TCM. Boy Meets Girl is a must for fans of "the other James Cagney". The glib,funny comedian so often over-shadowed by the tough-guy roles. I highly recommnd this screw-ball comedy to any of his fans, especially as he is teamed with his pal, Pat O'Brien
  3. I know there are many of you who won't believe this, but this is a true story. I thought, in honor of the Star of The Month, I may share it with you all, to let you know what kind of gentleman Mr. March was. Around 1942, a man named Elmer Hill was a full time bleachery worker and part time house painter, with a family of 6 kids. His eldest, Mary Jane, would accompany him on his jobs, just to be with him, as a helper. At that point, he got a call to the Merryall section of New Milford, Ct., to paint the home of an actor. It was Fredrick March, looking and acting more like friendly country fa
  4. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote} > Not Kent Taylor-----------Kent Smith. oops!!! Sorry. My bad!!
  5. It sounds like "Nora Prentiss" to me, but you said it was the 30's, and "Nora" wasn't made til the mid or late 40"s. Anyway, the actor in that film was Kent Taylor
  6. I loved Designing Woman and Undercurrent with Hepburn, Mitchum and Rbt Taylor. The latter is a great movie, but not shown enough.
  7. The White Christmas reply made me think, very seldom seen Virginia dale was pretty good keeping up with Fred in Holiday Inn.
  8. Speaking of My Favorite Wife...How about Edgar Buchannan in the remake Move Over Darling?
  9. Mine? The incomparable Eleanor Powell. The only lady who could scare Astaire with her prowess!!!
  10. I just mentioned this another thread and excuse me for being redundant, but, Cagney is great in all the afore mentioned films, but how about BOY MEETS GIRL and the Bride Came COD? Don't forget his comedic talents!!!
  11. Great topic!! How about Show People with Marion Davies and ANYTHING with Louise Brooks?
  12. Hello! First time poster! I would just like to know if anyone is like me and thinks Boy Meets Girl is one of the really funny, and too seldom seen screwball comedies of the 30's? I'm a big Cagney fan and loved him in comedy and his relationship with Pat O'Brien comes through in their work here. I'm just wondering why it's so seldom aired and why it's never been out on DVD?
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