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  1. another beautiful redhead: deborah kerr
  2. clara bow ann sheridan Two of my favorite redheads. Who's natural in Hollywood..lol. Even Jean Harlow used peroxide:)
  3. {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Verdana}Thank you, gagman, for the head’s up about Seven Chances. Watched it and couldn’t stop laughing. The scene with hundreds of extras as wanna be brides storming into the church with the sleeping Buster oblivious in the front pew was too funny.{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}
  4. {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Verdana}Natalie Wood as Deenie Loomis in Splendor in the Grass, 1961{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}
  5. In Waterloo Bridge, 1940, after a first date when Roy (Robert Taylor) tells Myra (Vivien Leigh) he is returning to the battlefront, Myra, dejected, looks out her rainy window the next day to see Roy standing beneath it. She runs to him in the rain and the two agree to marry after a long romantic kiss.
  6. {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Verdana}A Patch of Blue{font}{font:Verdana}, 1965, when Selina (Elizabeth Hartman) finds herself abandoned at her usual place in the park during a thunderstorm, and panics until Gordon (Sidney Poitier) finally appears to lead her home. {font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}
  7. I like Ben Mankiewicz's style too. He's doing a fine job as host.
  8. Cary Grant, Hugh Grant, Lee Grant and Lou Grant
  9. Just thought of another: Jennifer Jones, Shirley Jones and Tommy Lee Jones
  10. Great thread, CJ. Will add sending photos of famous film stars to friends on your cell phone and they don't know who's in the picture. Having a cell phone slide show of academy award nominees and winners for the past several decades. No longer watch channels with commercials.
  11. Jack, Thanks for correcting. Guess I did misunderstand. Sorry 'bout that Maven:( Btw, here's a link, but there are more explaining the huge lawsuit Olivia won for all actors controlled by the Moguls years ago: [De Havilland lawsuit resonates through Hollywood|http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN2329585820070824] Btw, how do you get a smiley into these...lol.
  12. With all due respect, I loved Olivia in The Snake Pit .Thought it was a great choice for her and wonderful film, though not everyone's cup of tea. Haven't seen the other movies you said were downturns for her.She played against type in The Heiress and The Snake Pit, if GWTW is what we use as her type. I see Olivia as having been very much in charge of her career. She singlehandedly sued the studio bosses and won when they added time on to actor's contracts for time off or away from their obligatory films. This was a huge victory for actors' freedom from total control by the Moguls. Don't have
  13. Thanks, MFF. Didn't know that about Mary Martin. Will look for that film. Know she lost out to Mitzi Gaynor for lead in South Pacific and so did Ezio Pinza over Rossano Brazzi (sigh) because Mitzi and Rossano were younger I think and certainly looked better as lovers on the big screen, IMHO. Since you're into Mary Martin, did you know she and Janet Gaynor were close friends?
  14. For Sophie's Choice, before Meryl Streep was cast, Magda V?s?ryov? (not quite sure who she was) was to play the role of Sophie. Natalie Wood was considered for the role of Sophie. I thought Meryl Streep was excellent and well cast for a most difficult role. Edited by: Roberta109 on Jan 3, 2011 1:23 PM
  15. Mary Martin was a mainly a Broadway star. I think she did little film work but also liked her in the Cole Porter biopic seg "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." Think I got that right:)
  16. Climb down Mount Rushmore, almost fall, lose your shoes, but be saved with designer suit unwrinkled, no make-up smudged and hair is perfect. (North by Northwest)
  17. You're in for a treat. They don't sing like that in today's Hollywood musicals. No more Golden Age voices and great scores. Though I loved Chicago. Treat yourself to Carousel. Can't imagine Sinatra in the lead role though he proved a formidable film actor. He wouldn't have been good with Shirley Jones IMHO. She was great with Robert Preston (Music Man) and fabulous with Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry. So, last minute casting snafus sometimes are for the best:)
  18. Original casting choice for Carousel was Frank Sinatra. He walked out last minute. Shirley Jones called up Gordon MacRae who took the lead. What great chemistry between Shirley and Gordon, who was amazing in that role. Edited by: Roberta109 on Dec 21, 2010 3:55 PM
  19. Agree! What makes anyone think that silents and foreign films represent a political sector? Huh? Silent and foreign film festivals go on all over the world and I've never heard of a political connection. What am I missing? So anyone who likes silent or foreign films votes one way? Not true in my view. DW Griffith a liberal? That's too funny.
  20. Thanks so much for the link to Blake Edwards TCM tribute. I never tired of seeing The Days of Wine and Roses, but like so many of his films and glad for the TCM line-up. My condolences to Julie Andrews and the rest of his family and friends.
  21. Good topic. Don't know if this list is complete, but top stars and directors made lots of great pre-code films. Would also like to see more shown on TCM: *_Pre-code Movies_* *1929* * Alibi * Applause * The Broadway Melody * The Cocoanuts * Coquette * The Desert Song * The Godless Girl * Gold Diggers of Broadway * Glorifying the American Girl * Hallelujah! * The Last of Mrs. Cheyney * The Love Parade * Our Modern Maidens * Redskin * Rio Rita * The Trial of Mary Dugan * Sunny Side Up * Vo
  22. Agree and thank you, annis917. TCM does an amazing job of appealing to a very diverse audience. Many times the evening line-up or other films don't appeal to me. So, I'll watch taped films I love. TCM does the best job of any channel showing a vast range of classic film. To expect to like their programming 24/7 is unrealistic. Just watch and record what you like and know others are enjoying the films you don't. My 2 cents. Happen to love Mickey Rooney, but others may not.
  23. Dance like Fred, Ginger, Ann Miller and Gene Kelly and never sweat. Edited by: Roberta109 on Dec 8, 2010 8:42 PM
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