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  1. According to IMDB's synopsis ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0029217) , the plot revolves around 'a crusading DA's attempts to persuade a clip joint "party girl" to testify against her mobster boss after her innocent sister is accidentally murdered during one of his unsavory "parties."' Upon researching this movie, I have found it to mostly be associated to be a drama movie or even 'crime drama'. One could argue whether this movie is an example of film noir. The definition I agree with for film noir is that it is typically a crime drama filmed between the 1940s and 1950s that deals with the darknesses of the human heart. Sure enough, I think The Marked Woman has its share of darknesses and crimes, and exposes several important themes of the human society. What do you think? Do you believe The Marked Woman is an example of film noir, regardeless of it being made prior to the 1940s?
  2. Glad this is on this thread... I was wondering whether "Marked Woman" was considered a film noir, even though it wasn't made exactly in the 40s. I'm doing a research project on film noir. V-V
  3. By the way, could you help me out? New film noir movies from the past 5-10 years? I'm doing a project on film noir, and I'm researching the classic as well as new ones. Could you give me some movies? And I have another question. Does neo noir always have to have gangsters in them?
  4. Yeah. Someone's pulling my leg! That's why you never trust Yahoo Answers! Yeah. The movie is The Torrent!
  5. Is the name of this silent film Music Livierty Vile or something else? Saw it on TCM a while ago. It was about this opera singer who fell in love with this politican dude, I think. I think it took place in Europe. They tried to be together for some reason but their relationship didn't work. A long time later they meet again when they're already old. She hasn't changed-- she is still eternally youthful, but the other guy turns really old and the moral of the story was "Don't take a long time on love." or something like that. I asked a question on Yahoo Answers about it and two people responded Music Livierty Vile. I typed it in all search engines and I could not find any matches or results!
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