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  1. You gave yourself away, Fred. It appears that you love this movie. Right? musikone
  2. alotta? what did your spell-checker have to say about this? Microsoft is fearful for its own security! If users are kicked off XP, "cold turkey," the uproar will be deafening. So Microsoft has been forced to backtrack on the security issue, at least, while stripping away the other remnants of the pariah XP. As I have explained previously, serious computer users who wish to keep using XP have the option of doing so quite conveniently, within a Windows 7 or 8 operating framework, by setting up the Windows XP virtual mode or having a technician do it. Am I the only one around these parts who understands what this means and how to use this virtual mode? I suspect that this is the case. musikone
  3. Yaaaah. I suspect that H--- will freeze over before Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7! This means that FCD won't be around and be faced with such a dilemma. musikone
  4. Aren't you glad that you read my recent post here on this subject? I won't tell anyone that "your" advice echoes my sentiments exactly and is just what I did a few weeks ago, before XP was given the Kiss of Death by Microsoft. Others around here will have to learn the hard way. And I do mean hard. musikone (better earlier than never)
  5. You'll be much better off without a computer, given that managing computer security appears to be beyond your grasp. Now you can turn your attention to the more important things in your life. You can still watch TCM on TV, albeit unable to participate in their discussion forums, whose purpose is (purportedly) to discuss so-called "classic" movies -- like the rapidly moving Windows XP. It was indeed a classic, which has now moved out of the picture! However, we shall all be disappointed with your quick retirement from this forum. Enjoy your life in retirement. musikone
  6. I have been using Windows XP for about ten years on the same computer! I knew that XP support was being dropped by Microsoft (at least, for residential users) and that it would only make sense to buy a new computer for future use. Windows 8 is still a work in progress, which I want no part of at this time. After researching this subject carefully, I bought a new Dell Inspiron 660 with Windows 7 Professional already installed, with 4GB of RAM and a dual-core Intel processor. My research on this subject told me that, if I bought the Professional version of Windows 7, I could use a special technology developed by Microsoft to continue to use Windows XP SP3, but with no further support for it by Microsoft. It is possible to use XP in a separate window on Windows 7, with everything operating exactly as it did before it was discontinued. This method of using XP within the Windows 7 OS is known as the Virtual XP Mode. I had a very competent computer technician install the Virtual XP Mode on my new computer, which I now use occasionally with a few special programs that will not run on Windows 7. It operates as advertised, and was developed primarily for use by those stubborn businesses that insist upon sticking with XP. It is easy to use, once it is brought into operation, which takes only a few minutes to set up. After this is done, and if the system is not rebooted, the XP window can be minimized to the taskbar, and Windows 7 used normally with XP out of sight (except at the bottom of the display, by means of a Virtual XP Mode icon. Or, if one desires, a smaller XP window can be used inside the larger Windows 7 desktop display. This is an unbelievable dual-system setup -- a perfect example of having your cake and eating it too! Anyone who has worries about hanging on to Windows XP should investigate this technology. Musikone (and much more)
  7. S.O.S. This does *NOT* stand for Save Our Souls. musikone
  8. Fedya says: "Dialog" as a verb sounds like some sort of business buzzword to me, as opposed to standard everyday English. Like leveraging proactive synergies or something. Or maybe Variety-speak. Whatever it is, it can be likened to a square peg not fitting into a round hole. musikone
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