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  1. You gave yourself away, Fred. It appears that you love this movie. Right? musikone
  2. alotta? what did your spell-checker have to say about this? Microsoft is fearful for its own security! If users are kicked off XP, "cold turkey," the uproar will be deafening. So Microsoft has been forced to backtrack on the security issue, at least, while stripping away the other remnants of the pariah XP. As I have explained previously, serious computer users who wish to keep using XP have the option of doing so quite conveniently, within a Windows 7 or 8 operating framework, by setting up the Windows XP virtual mode or having a technician do it. Am I the only one around these parts
  3. Yaaaah. I suspect that H--- will freeze over before Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7! This means that FCD won't be around and be faced with such a dilemma. musikone
  4. Aren't you glad that you read my recent post here on this subject? I won't tell anyone that "your" advice echoes my sentiments exactly and is just what I did a few weeks ago, before XP was given the Kiss of Death by Microsoft. Others around here will have to learn the hard way. And I do mean hard. musikone (better earlier than never)
  5. You'll be much better off without a computer, given that managing computer security appears to be beyond your grasp. Now you can turn your attention to the more important things in your life. You can still watch TCM on TV, albeit unable to participate in their discussion forums, whose purpose is (purportedly) to discuss so-called "classic" movies -- like the rapidly moving Windows XP. It was indeed a classic, which has now moved out of the picture! However, we shall all be disappointed with your quick retirement from this forum. Enjoy your life in retirement. musikone
  6. I have been using Windows XP for about ten years on the same computer! I knew that XP support was being dropped by Microsoft (at least, for residential users) and that it would only make sense to buy a new computer for future use. Windows 8 is still a work in progress, which I want no part of at this time. After researching this subject carefully, I bought a new Dell Inspiron 660 with Windows 7 Professional already installed, with 4GB of RAM and a dual-core Intel processor. My research on this subject told me that, if I bought the Professional version of Windows 7, I could use a special t
  7. S.O.S. This does *NOT* stand for Save Our Souls. musikone
  8. Fedya says: "Dialog" as a verb sounds like some sort of business buzzword to me, as opposed to standard everyday English. Like leveraging proactive synergies or something. Or maybe Variety-speak. Whatever it is, it can be likened to a square peg not fitting into a round hole. musikone
  9. AndyM108 says: We must be looking at different schedules, because the one I'm looking at has both silent and foreign films listed in all of their usual Sunday night / Monday morning times. I haven't looked over the rest of the schedule, but it's not as if the number of films in those two genres, or any genre for that matter, is always going to be the same in every month. I did not consider the title listings for April in terms of their appearance in given time slots. Rather, I simply went quickly through the complete monthly schedule and looked at all of the titles for evidence of sile
  10. slaytonf says: From Dictionary.com (so it's not OED online--sue me) : di?a?logue dahy-uh-lawg, -log Show IPA noun 1. conversation between two or more persons. 2. the conversation between characters in a novel, drama, etc. 3. an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue, especially a political or religious issue, with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement. 4. a literary work in the form of a conversation: a dialogue of Plato. verb (used without object), di?a?logued, di?a?logu?ing. 5. to carry on a dialogue; converse. 6. to discuss areas of disagreement
  11. slaytonf says: Please, please, please proofread your posts. It shows consideration to the people you would like to dialog with to make intelligible posts. Please, please, please proofread your grammar, slaytonf. "Dialog" is a *noun.* musikone
  12. As expected by anyone who has been following the monthly offerings for any length of time, what appears to be missing from this schedule, at first glance, are foreign and silent films. I suspect that a detailed examination of the movies on the complete month's schedule will confirm this. Those who decry this absence well know why. musikone
  13. Always a Bride is scheduled to be shown on Sunday, January 5, 2014 at 8:00 AM PST. In the full schedule, it is listed with a running time of 141 minutes. The movie which follows this one is listed as starting at 9:00 AM, which is just 60 minutes after the listed start of Always a Bride. But in the currently posted monthly schedule for January, 2014, Always a Bride is listed with a running time of 58 minutes, which will fit within the one hour time block. Apparently TCM is profusely confused on the scheduling of this movie. Of course, no one at TCM can take the trouble to post a rev
  14. JAY54 shouted: SON OF A GUNFIGHTER.....HE HAS MORE PLEATS ON HIS SHIRT THAN CARTERS LIVER PILLS.AMAZING BEING OUT THERE WITH THE SAME SHIRT ON IN THE HOT SUN AND THE DUST AND GRIME OF A WESTERN...AND HIS SHIRT IS STILL NOT DIRTY You forgot something very important, along these same lines. Not one hair out of place, no matter what the particular setting. In fact, no matter what the movie! This was the most conspicuous, bizarre fetish of its makeup department throughout Hollywood's studio era. musikone (my ears are still ringing)
  15. The French movie Mouchette was scheduled to be shown at 8:00 PM EST on Sunday, December 29. It is a rare film and promised to be a very worthwhile showing. Now, following its usual deplorable practice with memorial tributes, TCM has found a way to cash in on the popularity of Peter O'Toole and present a *musical version* of Goodbye Mr. Chips in its place. Can anyone here possibly guess who is acting in this replacement movie? I propose a moment of silence for Mouchette, the victim of TCM's memorial-tribute Guillotine. musikone
  16. AndyM108 says: I'm sure I must be missing something, but what does Lucille Ball have to do with Out of the Past ? Not a peep about Mitchum or Greer, but instead a riff on I Love Lucy. What was going on there? I've gotta say that costume design woman has got to be one of strangest choices yet for hosting movies. And what about that costume design woman's hosting of Silkwood! I can't see any connection whatsoever between costume (some call it fashion) design and the clothes worn by anyone in this serious movie about improperly controlled radiation contamination of the workers at a plant
  17. happy1111 says: I agree, also 20 and 30's, terrible movies. Ready to cancel TCM Sure. You can start watching AMC, as a simple example of your great alternatives. But then again, you might try TV Land, if you want a sterling variety of exciting things to watch. I am certain that there are so many other superior choices for you, so why feel tied down to TCM? musikone
  18. Happy1111 says: Why such awful movies every Saturday morning? 20 and 30's had terrible movies. Also, the thems are silly, who wants to watch Elvis all day, or musicals, or movies that have rock in them. Even if you like them, not all day. The children do -- that's who. Saturday morning is for the children (which includes teenagers), and most of them are not able to tell the difference between and a good and an awful movie. This does not mean that adults are necessarily able to distinguish between quality and garbage. Most TCM fans are. Most newcomers and casual visitors are not. He
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