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  1. Hey, are we still trash talking Scorpios? I'm Scorpio with Scorpio rising, Moon in Cancer.
  2. Recently I listened to a Bob Dylan album for the first time in a couple of decades and the immediate reaction was, "I didn't remember his singing was that bad." I think Dylan tends to be sharp rather than flat, but not closely acquainted with pitch, in any event; I wondered if the songs had been remastered a bit sharp. Of course, Dylan has energy and power, but plenty of rock singers sound rough, raspy, and on pitch.
  3. There's also Heartbreakers, where Peter Coyote plays a painter and his buddy/rival Nick Mancuso is a lawyer. Carol Kane is also in the film. Not bad, as I recall.
  4. Because Episcopalians, unlike some Southern denominations, were not opposed to drinking alcohol (almost as great a sin as dancing, according to some fundamentalists), they were known as "Whiskeypalians."
  5. Yes, Hedy Lamarr played a character named Marvin Miles. In This Our Life is the film where Bette is the sister named Stanley and Olivia is the sister named Roy.
  6. What if there were a film from Golden Age Hollywood that showed a number of very strong women performing capably as administrators, teachers, health care workers, and religious leaders? There is. It's called The Nun's Story.
  7. Arthur Penn had directed The Miracle Worker on Broadway, and he had already directed The Left Handed Gun, so he was able to do the film version as well. It's not the kind of film he's best known for. Hollywood is wasteful with talent. Penn could have capably directed a variety of films.
  8. A side note about Arthur Penn: When Night Moves was not financially successful, and neither was his follow-up film, The Missouri Breaks, Arthur Penn's career was in ruins. As one writer put it, Penn was neither taken up by the auteurist critics who were prominent at this time nor valued by the new Hollywood establishment. He did make a few other films--Four Friends, Target, Dead of Winter, Penn and Teller Get Killed, none of them widely known--and eventually became an executive producer for Law and Order.
  9. The Light That Failed, with Ronald Colman as a painter going blind, is excellent. A favorite of some of the posters here.
  10. Sometimes I should read over my posts before hitting "Submit." Although the ending of Cutter's Way is ambiguous, that ending worked for me. Something important has happened: Bone has accepted the role Cutter wanted him to take. Arguably, John Heard, Jeff Bridges, and William Hurt (Body Heat) gave the three best performances by an actor in 1981.
  11. Jeff looks good in Cutter's Way, too, and John Getz' hairy chest is on display in Blood Simple. Getz also gets to show off his posterior. For Another World fans: John Getz is one of the good-looking, talented actors hired by Another World during the 70s (Harding Lemay era, when AW expanded to an hour) and then criminally underutilized. Imagine having John Getz, John Considine, David Ackroyd, and Leon Russom and not featuring them in major storylines. This Neo-Noir spotlight is really outstanding. I'm going to have to rent the films I missed in the series. Again, I think it's important to
  12. #6: Whistle Down the Wind (1961) This is a seemingly simple film – but it’s filled with Biblical allusion, and it leaves deeper meaning up to interpretation. Personally, I think it’s a story about the power of child-like faith – and how easily it can turn complicated. Also notable for its large cast of remarkably natural non-actor children (Hayley Mills being one of the few with professional experience at the time), this movie provides the most understanding, well-rounded look at the whole of childhood – and all the positives and negatives of that stage of life – that I’ve ever
  13. John Heard's performance really is great, and I agree, imagining how Rod Steiger would have played the role underlines Heard's excellence. I'm not sure that Marlon Brando at his 1950s peak could have played this particular part as well. Heard doesn't seem to have approached the role as a Method actor would. Heard gets the physicality of Cutter perfectly, and he has the vocal control to deliver the literary lines Cutter enjoys throwing off from time to time. Then there's that heh-heh-heh laugh he uses so much in the first half of the film: from most actors, this would be a bit annoying or a bit
  14. For Sunday night/Monday morning: Heat Lightning (1934) packs a lot of story and good acting into its 63 minutes. Aline MacMahon runs a filling station in the middle of nowhere and tries to keep her younger sister (Ann Dvorak) from running wild. Aline's former lover, now a criminal (Preston Foster) shows up to complicate matters. Aline transforms from very mannish in her work overalls to quite womanly when he arrives. This may be Aline MacMahon's best role. And wouldn't it be more fun if Glenda Farrell and Ruth Donnelly showed up as a couple of dizzy hot-2-trot divorcees? You bet it would! Eve
  15. I also remember the ending of Night Moves as very confusing, particularly whether one character ends up alive or dead. It has that very 70s "We're MUCH too cool, or too stoned, to craft a clear resolution for this film" way. On the other hand, it is fun to see the very young Melanie Griffith and James Woods.
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