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  1. That is my favorite as well. Agnes is such an asset to any movie. If you are able to find The Blue Veil online, she is great in a small part as a rich woman who casually destroys Jane Wyman's chance for love.
  2. "The Last Time I Saw Paris" is a classic, and in 1941 it had the resonance of France having fallen to the Nazis. It's a beautiful song and would have been my choice, although "Blues in the Night" is a great song, too.
  3. In the middle picture he looks like Harpo Marx playing a lesbian.
  4. From Mata Hari: Ramon Navarro (in hospital bed): "I can't see!" Greta Garbo (tenderly): "Is it . . . your eyes?"
  5. Speedy, I'm on the same page as you and rosebette about Miriam Hopkins. I saw her first in The Old Maid and Old Acquaintance and thought she was hammy, a wannabe who couldn't compete with Bette. Then I saw her pre-Code films. Great in comedy (Trouble in Paradise, Design for Living). Great in drama (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Story of Temple Drake). A star who holds her own against other stars. Parting ways with Paramount did not turn out to be a good move.
  6. Two things about Barbara Hale: 1) She has one of the most beautiful speaking voices of any actress. 2) I love the scene in A Lion is in the Streets where the swamp gal Flamingo (Anne Francis) wants to feed her to the alligators.
  7. For 1937, I would prefer "That Old Feeling" or "They Can't Take That Away from Me" over "Sweet Leilani." Both have lasted well. I don't know "Remember Me" or "Whispers in the Dark," the other nominees. But what a wealth of songs not nominated: "A Foggy Day," "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm," "September in the Rain"--just pick your favorite kind of weather. Also Cole Porter's "In the Still of the Night," "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off," "Nice Work If You Can Get It," "They All Laughed," "Too Marvelous for Words," "Hooray for Hollywood," "The Folks Who Live on the Hill." Snow White and t
  8. I particularly like the bridge section of "Tammy" ("When the night is warm, soft and warm. . .").
  9. You get to see Sydney Greenstreet in a different kind of role in Between Two Worlds.
  10. At one time Ronee Blakely was a close friend of Joni Mitchell and was on the extended voyage on David Crosby's boat that inspired Joni's song "The Dawntreader." This would have been a few years before Nashville. Blakely was good in Nashville, as I recall, and I don't know why her career went the wrong way.
  11. Barbara Harris starred on Broadway in The Apple Tree and On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, so she had solid singing credentials. Unlike, say, Lily Tomlin, and I don't know why she got the Oscar nod either. I think it's partly the "Oh, she's in a movie instead of doing a comedy routine!" novelty effect, and as one of the biggest films of the year, Nashville was figuring out who they wanted to push for the nominations. By the way, there's a moment in Nashville much beloved by some viewers where Barbara Baxley talks about all the Southern states that voted for a Catholic for the first time
  12. The Remains of the Day is an interesting case where both the novel and the film are excellent in different ways. The novel, where everything is seen from the butler's viewpoint, if I remember correctly, is high comedy with undertones of tragedy. The film has a more objective point of view, so that it feels like a tragedy with overtones of high comedy.
  13. Instead of 1977's "You Light Up My Life," just about ANYTHING. Oh, what about "New York, New York" or "Staying Alive," eligible but not nominated? Worst lyrics of an Oscar-winning song ever: strong contenders are 1978's "Last Dance" and 1971's "Theme from Shaft."
  14. Nashville is well made, if I remember correctly, but it does take a superior attitude toward those pore hicks down in Tennessee. Altman did encourage cast members to write their own songs. The saga of Ross Perot is not unlike the story of the Replacement Party in Nashville, in another case of life imitating art. The style of Nashville has been very influential. Couldn't you see Hill Street Blues as the AD/HD kid of Detective Story and Nashville? If you didn't get enough of the cast of Nashville, you can see some of them again, including Geraldine Chaplin as another pretentious charac
  15. I also remember hoping that "Come Saturday Morning" would win. However, "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?" has found a home in cabaret. With the right interpreter, this is a powerful song, and it would probably be my choice now. Richard Brooks asked for a song that would sound one way at the beginning of the film and another way at the end, after the couple has split up.
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