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  1. Thanks for this thread. I ADORE Helen Mirren (have been crazy about her for years--my fave is her role as Morgana in "Excalibur") I love the pics from Phedre!
  2. I've always loved it and still do(it helps that I don't get distracted by the technical stuff 'eg. dubbing', I just love to fall into the strange fantasy in Fellini's brain) It's just imaginings of stuff that could probably have taken place. Not any more weird than our everyday lives and conversations! Plus, I have always loved anything related to ancient times. I love the fact that the ancients had the same primeval angers and urges that we do-just a different context.(We may be an even more insane and frightening vision!)
  3. I rented it from the library many years ago but could never find it for sale anywhere. I finally bought a vhs copy on Amazon a few months ago. When it came in the mail I was overjoyed.
  4. I feel bad for my nephew. Farrah was his dream girl and of course he had the poster on his wall. I'm glad that Ryan O'Neal was able to remarry her before her death. She was very brave in her battle with cancer.
  5. Brando, I SO have a crush on George Segal .Always have and always will. (I don't care how old he gets). He was so mean but sexy in "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (especially when he gets in the fight with his girlfriend). I have the vhs copy of that movie just to watch him. I also agree with most of everyone else's choices. Good taste everyone! Cindy
  6. The right actor could seriously win an oscar by taking on the life of this gifted but tortured musician. More people need to know about Bix. Cindy
  7. Love that movie! Even though my late dad played sax instead of trumpet, one of his nicknames was always "young man with a horn"(even when he was up in years) . He always loved that movie too. I haven't seen it in years. Cindy
  8. Brando, I am now a big fan. I just asked about any possible bios of him on one of the other threads. I'm seriously intrigued by him now. Cindy
  9. Love the poem. Love the pic too!
  10. Are there any biographies of Thomas Ince? It sounds like he may have had a very interesting life. He's got a handsome and mysterious look about him.
  11. Susan Cabot from "Wasp Woman" among other flicks. Also Linnea Quigley!
  12. maryjmartin, I love the idea of 50's delinquent movies. Top of my list would be "Green Eyed Blonde" with Susan Oliver.
  13. I'd love to see a forum on obscure actors--sort of a "what ever happened to...." type of discussion. That way we could find out info for each other, and the research could be fun. My first candidate would be Lee Kinsolving. He was a good looking and intense actor who never got to be a really big star--I believe he died at a rather young age.
  14. Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratchet in "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"
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