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  1. Bruno was definitely off. Whenever I watch this film and when I first watched it. I was like no don't talk to him. I was like Guys girlfriend's father when he said he was a bit eccentric. And didn't continue the conversation. That's what sucked me in, why does Guy keep talking to this nut!
  2. you know i remember years ago TCM took a week and aired every one of hitchcock's films that were not lost. that's how i saw most of them and then alot are available online , any hoo tcm let's do that again OR add a hitchcock block to filmstruck!!
  3. i hated the ending because the way the film was going, i just knew cary grant poisioned joan fontaine and BINKY!, There's no way Joan Fontaine would reconcile with Grant if she knew he poisoned her so either way the right ending was she left him or he poisoned her not that silly ending
  4. [ I agree I tried to watch I and didn't make it thru. I found Marnie mysognistic and I don't like movies with rape in it either. The whole premise of the movie didn't sit well with me. It was too off and strange in a bad way. But then again I don't like hitch movies after 1960. I do like the tv series Alfred Hitchcock presents quote name=speedracer5" post="1537879" timestamp="1499955976]***SPOILER ALERT*** I didn't like Marnie. I thought it was too over the top. I am also not usually a fan of movies that involve rape or anything like that. Sean Connery's character rapes
  5. i love this film! I like it because of it's oddities. It starts off very American, then European, then there is that old man that gets senile and mumbles everytime the reporter asks him a questions. The windmill, George Sanders. I think this film is brilliant! No one else could pull together so many plot and character changes!
  6. i see hitchcock noirish films as just that hitchcock noir, his style is sooo unmistakable- it's just like the hitchcock comedy!
  7. i noticed that too, but by the time he got to Strangers on the Train, he wasn't too sympathetic with that coke bottle wearing lady!
  8. i actually like that we are doing early Hitchcock. Its been years since I've seen his early stuff. For me my favorite hitchcock films come from 1935 to 1959. So his early stuff I have only seen once or twice and honestly didn't like it. Exploring early hitch is a treat for me. I've gained a new favorite in Blackmail. I'm enjoying this and look foward to how the course progresses!
  9. I agree Charade, Arabesque, and Wait until Dark, it's very suspenseful with comedic touches
  10. What are your favorite Hitch films that aren't block busters. Mine is Stage Fright. For one is Marlene Deitrich. I always felt he used that as an inside joke, particularly when she sings. I really think that bad singing was purposely making fun of her. What's yours and why??
  11. Well I don't know about the technicalities of the dubbing. But I found hitch awfully cute in that clip. His youthfulness and playfulness was adorable. Did any one else think he looked and liked like Charles Laughton there. Thank you for sharing that footage!
  12. When I watched the daily dose, I didn't find the scene funny. However watching the whole film and when it got to that scene. I found the whole scene funny, with the lady chattering on about a knife. Then she says knife and the guy says be careful with that knife you might cut someone! I believe hitch meant it to be funny, hence dark comedy. Other observations this film to me is when hitch finds his film style and decides to keep working in this way. He found a winning formula. Alice I found naive. Her Spidey senses didn't go off as a woman. I found that artist guy incredibly lechrous a
  13. yea for me i like my hitchcock films from 1939-1959, not a psycho fan but i know alot of people think psycho = hitchcock but for me north by northwest ='s hitchcock MORE because he did that wrong man story over and over and it never bores me
  14. When I first watched the 39 steps- i said yawn fest. But i found myself wanting to watch it again. It has interesting quirky stuff in it- like the man with missing finger, the jealous farmer, the music hall scene. To me it's like Sabatoge. odd things are in it, like the blind man, the circus troupe, the feisty midget, the sly murder threat- the guy pointing to a book that says murder- those to films have lesser known stars, move slow but they are genius Quote: I just rewatched The 39 Steps the other night. It may not seem so spectacular at first, but it grows on you. It's sort of th
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