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  1. I was watching this movie and I noticed something on the walls in the room where they were discussing the mission. Behind one of the charactors there was a painting of a scarecrow and gentleman dressed in Revolutionary war era clothes. I guess these were other extraordinary gentlman from another time. Now I might be showing my age but there was a series type show that came on "The Wonderful World of Disney? The main charactor dressed as a scarecrow and helped to fight the British. Just wondering if anyone else saw this and came to the same conclusion? A bit of neat trivia. I don't know though
  2. Can someone help me please? I've watched this movie "The Dirty Dozen at least a dozen times., pun intended. And can anyone tell me what they were passing to each other when they were in the blue armies headquarters? If you remeber they were faking injuries and trying to take over the H.Q.. As they were laying there the passed some kind of objects to each other. I've paused this with my Tivo and still can't tell what it is. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, darkfall
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