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  1. Whenever I have children, if I have a girl, I'd like to name her Marlene after Marlene Dietrich. I had a teacher whose daughter was named Greer, for Greer Garson.
  2. I think it is high time Dick Powell was honored. He was a versatile actor whose films please a wide variety of classic film fans.
  3. Aww, June didn't like herself in that movie. She felt inferior next to Lana Turner and thought she looked silly in those period costumes.
  4. I would have to take *Gold Diggers of 1933*. It has Dick Powell, my favorite actor, but besides him, it has a lot of other great stars: Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, Ned Sparks, Aline MacMahone, Ginger Rogers, Guy Kibbee, etc. And the music! "Torch Song," "In the Shadows," "My Forgotten Man," and my favorite pre-code song "Pettin' in the Park."
  5. Flirtation Walk and Shipmates Forever are great films. Really great ones, and part of that (besides the leads) is thanks to Ross Alexander. He's a wonderful comedian and it is so sad what happened to him. I never saw Ready, Willing, and Able, but I'm thrilled to get to see it because of Ross. And I never saw Happiness Ahead. Colleen is mediocre, but it is still fun and has some good music.
  6. A wonderful review, as always, Dan.
  7. Hers to Hold is a movie with Deanna Durbin; she works in an airplane factory during the war. It's a pretty good musical too, although it might be hard to find.
  8. Angels With Dirty Faces has that great "Whaddaya hear, whaddaya say?" line.
  9. I had the chance to pick up a few of the early Dead End Kids movies and I started to watch Crime School. I have been a Leo Gorcey fan since the first time I saw him in Mannequin, and subsequently in Angels With Dirty Faces and the Bowery Boys movies. However, I am beginning to notice the talents of the other boys as well. Do you have a favorite member of the Dead End Kids? Who and why? Which movie featuring the Dead End Kids is your favorite? I think that child actors are sometimes underrated, but these boys made careers for themselves that lasted literally decades in some cases. That
  10. Does anyone know which movies will be included? I hope they don't just rehash the old releases like Platinum Blonde and Wife vs. Secretary. Those are great, but I want to see some of the rarer films put out on DVD.
  11. Leslie Howard is a dream in this movie. It is possibly my favorite performance of his. He really plays the part well; the lyrical quality of his voice and the way his face does dreamy when he speaks really works with this character. And he is such a contrast to Bogart's Mantee; I think that is a big reason the movie is so stunning. It's a great one for sure.
  12. I was going to mention Brick too. Although it is obviously updated and has sort of a noir-meets-90210 feel, it is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of neo-noir.
  13. There is a box set? With Lloyd Nolan? Where?
  14. I don't know how new this is, but several new photos have been released by Life Magazine. Apparently, they were cleaning out their archives to put them on the internet and they found some unpublished photos of Marilyn. Enjoy! http://www.life.com/image/88010853/in-ga....ublished-photos
  15. finance, what about her annoys you? Is it just her voice or her personality too? I know a couple of people who dislike her too and say she is ugly, which I just don't understand, but to each his own. I just wondered because you didn't really explain yourself. And I'm glad Fox Movie Channel showed Woman's World in the letterbox format! I saw the VHS copy, and thought June and Lauren Bacall worked well with each other, but I could tell it wasn't supposed to be full-screen and it was driving me crazy not to be able to see all of the action!
  16. I think it is called Still Life. They play a lot of odd remixes of her songs in it.
  17. How could you not be a June Allyson fan? I know there are some rumors out there about how genuine her nice girl image was, and although I have to consider them since they exist, I have a very hard time believing rumors about her promiscuity in Hollywood. To me, June was the essence of an innocent. She was beautiful without being glamorous, talented without being showy, and funny without being a riot. She was the epitome of the nice girl, but never boring. I really look up to her like a role model, but I am not stupid. Of course she had her imperfections, as she herself would say, she was a
  18. Happy birthday! Has anyone seen the PBS documentary about Marilyn as a photographer's model? It was a fairly short show, but it was really very good and had interviews with a couple of people that photographed her. I think they were right on when they said she was made for the camera. It is just amazing how well she photographed, and if you look at the strips of film and the photos she X-ed out, well, she was brilliant even when she was at her worst! It is no wonder people want to adorn their homes and themselves with her image.
  19. I absolutely adore Van Johnson. He's incredibly underrated. I think of him like a warm soup on a cold wintery day; he always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. My favorite performances of his are in his comedies because his bright personality lent itself well to lighthearted films. I love watching his pairings with June Allyson like The Bride Goes Wild and Too Young to Kiss. They had great chemistry together, and although he towered over her, they still seemed like equals. His dramatic performances are quite good too. Some have already mentioned The Caine Mutiny, but let us not for
  20. Van Johnson always makes me smile! He's such a nice guy!
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