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  1. Nope can't make a choice. They're all too interesting! I love reading all the schedules--people on here are much more creative in their choices than the actual TCM programmers. (Who, if they haven't, should take note!)
  2. Oops. Didn't read the announcement. I may have posted a couple that are too big and for that I apologize. I'll go back and undo them, if I can...
  3. > {quote:title=drednm wrote:}{quote} > I'd like to see good DVD sets for > > JOHN GILBERT (Flicker Alley has an upcoming 2-DVD set in July) > > GLORIA SWANSON (still lots of her films not on DVD) > > MARION DAVIES (one of the most underrated stars of all) > > WILLIAM HAINES (I don't care about the gay icon bit) > > RICHARD BARTHELMESS (major star of his time) > > COLLEEN MOORE (many of her silents are lost, but....) > > BESSIE LOVE (cute as a button) > > JOAN CRAWFORD (many of her silents are quite good) > >
  4. Hollywoodgolightly wrote: Wife Vs. Secretary was a pretty fun movie. All 3 top stars are in top shape. Very well written, great screwball comedy. Yep, it was pretty good. But Jean Harlow lost something, I think, when they made her wholesome. I missed the naughty Jean of Red Dust and Red-headed Woman.
  5. Hmm. I didn't want to see this movie, because I thought, "What worldwide federation in its right mind would give command of a bazillion dollar starship to a 25-year-old?" Also, my teenaged son loved this movie and told me, "Mom. You have to see it." but he loves anything with lots of explosions, so I disregarded the recommendation. However, after reading the enthusiastic responses from everyone here, I may need to re-evaluate my decision and go see it after all.
  6. Is it true that he had dentures? Or is that one of those Hollywood legends, like Walt Disney's being frozen under Cinderella's Castle ?
  7. I loved the big band/swing bit that used to be used as the intro to most TCM films.
  8. Sorry about making my post too political. I just get frustrated when people nit-pick everything. It's a kid's movie, for heaven's sake. I'm actually glad they are featuring a black princess--they're trying, anyway. (though it may have more to do with $$ than political correctness) Honestly though, I doubt most little girls will care. I've taught preschool for years and most kids probably won't notice what color Princess Tiana's prince is or even what color she is; unless they've been indoctrinated from a young age, little ones don't seem overly concerned about race. Crowns and bea
  9. OK, this may get me in trouble, but how come no one complains when cartoons lampoon white people? Lots of cartoons poke fun (subtly and not-so-subtly) at middle America, which, for the present, is predominantly white. The movie Over the Hedge, for example, under the messages of friendship and trust, is a total send-up of the whole middle American way of life. The cookie cutter houses, the rabid homeowner's association president, the rampant consumerism, etc. (This is not to say that said way of life doesn't deserve to be made fun of, but still. I'm just sayin')
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