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  1. Somebody has a book to sell. Imagine how Wagner feels today. Walken, too.
  2. If Gene Vincent isn't Lyle Lovett's daddy, he sure looks like it! Somebody, please post those pics, because as we all know, I only have a lousy iPhone. Thanx!
  3. REAL LIFE horror story depicting the bizarre murders of British serial killer Christie (Richard Attenborough). This is John Hurt's greatest performance. Judy Geeson is great. If you haven't seen it, you must. You will not forget this film; a masterpiece.
  4. "She believes in 2 things...love and violence." Peggy Cummins steals the movie, but John Dall is perfection, as he was in "Rope" (1948). It's "Bonnie & Clyde" inspired (quite loosely) but most don't see that.
  5. Have you considered a send-up of "Dino" (1956)? Never seen for decades...iconic JD fare.
  6. Ben (the former caterer) talked about it last night, Osborne has mentioned it...it's the stuff of Hollywood legend. "Shoot me only from my left side" the star demanded (was this in her contract?). But I'm wondering if any other actor/actress ever received this kind of preferential treatment? Know of anyone else?
  7. The first few times I watched "The Horn Blows at Midnight" (1945) I thought I was looking at Carole Landis. But it was Delores Moran. If some kind person could post those pictures here, I would appreciate it. Thanx to NC! Edited by: Ascotrudgeracer on Aug 12, 2011 5:29 PM
  8. Milland's thirsty stroll up pawn shop row could be regarded as one of the finest moments in cinema...he had five other great moments. Still, there were slapstick drunk moments in the bars that irritated me. But forgetting Franciosa's "A Hatful of Rain" ... shows how senior MY moments are.
  9. I forgot! Tony Franciosa plays Polo Pope, the heroin addict's brother in that great one from 1955: "Hatful of Rain" and does a realistic drunk. Result: Academy Award nomination...and a career!
  10. Van Heflin -- for some strange reason -- did his corny, staggering head-bobbing drunk act in a few films. Quite repellent, I say. Walter Brennan's drunken sailor to Captain Bogart's fishing boat was funny: "Ever been stung by a dead bee?"
  11. Absolutely kerrect! Crosby delivers a brovura with his realistic portrayal of a dipsomaniac. The tortured man he played...Bing knew all too well. I have a true, personal Bing Crosby story that I plan to post, but I will not do it unless at least 100 people on this board want to read it. --Ascot
  12. Do you find the average "playing drunk" in any movie as silly and painful to watch as I do? Yet there have been character actors who made a career from it. I'm no fan of Nick Cage, but he figured out that a drunk never tries to act drunk; a drunk tries to act sober. This is what won him his Oscar.
  13. Do not miss it, even if you have seen it. I'm thinking this is one of the greatest films ever realized Usually I can't tolerate subtitled films, but this is so good, you won't mind the irritation. An example of a movie that couldn't be a remake.
  14. When you saw Patrice Wymore Flynn doing the TCM short regarding Errol Flynn, didn't you for a second think you were looking at Lauren Bacall?
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