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  1. Not that. Next: Teacher Braille
  2. Yes. Having read his autobiography recently, I found out that he made a lot of his movies for the money, not getting much satisfaction from them, because they were so much alike, playing gangsters. He was proud of Dr. Ehrlich, Cincinnati Kid, House of Strangers, All My Sons and Five Star Final, along with a few others. Movies like Double Indemnity, Key Largo, Vines Have Tender Grapes were mentioned very briefly. He also spoke of his rocky first marriage, his troubled relationship with his son and his unfortunate dealings with the HUAC. An interesting read of a versatile actor. Your turn.
  3. "I made about a hundred films, but my heart belonged to the theatre. I never understood the mass appeal of the film that catapulted me into an overnight movie star. In fact, I played the same type of character in many of my films. I liked the films that were actually about something. I was praised for my performance in a 1940 biopic by his family. I am most proud of that film. I loved art and had amassed quite a collection, despite the fact I has to sell some to distribute the assets equally for a divorce. Ironically, art was significant in some of my films. I badly wanted some affirmation for
  4. Humphrey Bogart was in Casablanca with Ingrid Bergman.
  5. Lee Marvin was in The Big Heat with Gloria Grahame.
  6. Tommy Lee Jones was in Coal Miner's Daughter with Sissy Spacek.
  7. He was Oscar-nominated for playing a Shakespearean character in the mid-1930s and two years later was nominated for his role as a French king. Name the actor and the two films.
  8. Peggy Ann Garner was in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn with Dorothy McGuire.
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