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  1. Anyone see Soapdish. That movie is made for the stage. Wonder if it'll ever happen?
  2. What is your favorite shot in film history & Why? (+ runner up) It's so hard to pick a favorite, even with a runner up, Answer: -Night of the Hunter- The old man looks over the side of the row boat to see the dead mother in the old car under water. Her hair waves in the current which is so eerie, but so beautiful. Especially, being lit as perfectly as it was. Runner up- -The Longest Day- D- Day invasion. As the thousands of men run up the beach the camera dollies with them. Smoke blows by them and sand flies into the air with the explosions from German artillery. In
  3. What are your 5 favorite Characters in film history? My Answers: -Elwood P. Dowd (Jimi Stewart/ Harvey) -Buttons the Clown (Jimi Stewart/ The Greatest Show on Earth) -Roxy Hart (Ginger Rogers/ Roxy Hart) -Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale/ American Psycho) -Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks/ Forrest Gump)
  4. Sorry. I didn't even realize that it wasn't there. There are so many... But if I had to pick one it would be: Royal Wedding when Astaire dances on the ceiling. It's one of the most unique moments in all film, and dance for that matter. Astaire's amazing. If I had to pick a second it would be: The General with Buster Keaton on the train.
  5. Buster Keaton "The General" The entire train sequence. Really the whole movie, but the things that happen to him on the train make me laugh so hard it hurts.
  6. Sorry. I had to do it this way because there's no way for me to fit it in five. No particular order. Actors: -Lionel Barrymore -Kevin Klein -Robin Williams -Paul Newman -Spencer Tracy Actresses: -Betty Davis -Ethel Barrymore -Shirley MacLaine -Meryl Streep -Shelley Winters
  7. -Nightmare Alley -The Fisher King -The Champ -The Kid -O Brother Where Art Thou -Night of the Hunter -Cat on a Hot Tin Roof -From Here to Eternity -Benny and Joon -A Face in the Crowd -Godfather part II -The Wizard of Oz -Forrest Gump -Brick -Gangs of New York
  8. Life of Brian is an amazing movie. One of Monty Python's best. And you're completely right about Silverado saving the Western. Also, Kevin Klein is one of the best actors ever in my opinion. Great answers.
  9. There are so many... But if I had to pick one it would be: Fred Astaire- Royal Wedding "You're all the world to me" It's one of the most unique moments in all film, and dance for that matter. Astaire's amazing.
  10. *M. Night Shyamalan*??? You respect Wise for not being burdened by a predictable style but mention Shyamalan who has one of the most predictable styles. Every film of Shyamalan's is the same. On the other hand I guess Shakespeare was also formulaic.
  11. "It's also one of only two adaptations from stage to film that I can even tolerate. The other is On the Town." Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate It's not the best representation of the work. Just entertaining on it's own and was filmed for the most part in New York on location which hadn't really been done before that for musical films. The difficulty of filming outside a sound stage must have been overwhelming. Also, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. I appreciate your opinion.
  12. Charlie Chaplin Jerry Lewis Harpo Marx Harold Lloyd Buster Keaton Woody Allen Peter Sellers John Candy Brendan Gleeson Bill Irwin Lucille Ball
  13. In six degrees or less how are Natalie Portman and Peter Sellers connected?
  14. What Director brought the most out of what actor or vise versa? What team up made the best films?
  15. If you could go back in time to be present for the filming of any single scene in film history which scene and why?
  16. Robert Mitchum & Dean Martin From curtain angles in curtain movies, they look very similar.
  17. Phantom! Why didn't I think of Phantom.?! Thank you. I'm glad you like it. I need to add to my knowledge of pre 20's film. I will check out Intolerance. i like every movie on your main list and most of the second making me think I should see the ones I haven't. The Adventures of Robin Hood is the best Robin Hood hands down. Also I'm glad Who Framed Roger Rabbit got a nod. Well deserved.
  18. Thank you. I'm happy people seem to like the idea. I just did it for fun one day and realized how much it teaches you about your tastes and like you mentioned, the era that speaks to you. Citizen Kane, Hunt for the Red October, Some Like it Hot and Sideways are some of the movies I own and love. Duck Soup and The Gold Rush are amazing and I need to watch them right now. I have never seen King Rat, but have heard great things. Don't hate me. I will soon and be i'll be in touch.
  19. The Man who shot Liberty Valance is amazing. I love John ford movies as well.
  20. The Kid... I've seen it. Huge Chaplin fan. The Wizard of Oz and The Snake Pit are great. The Snake Pit is tense and engrossing. Spellbound is wonderful. I saw the Dali exhibit at the Moma not too long ago. Spellbound was playing on a wall in the exhibit. I'm always captivated by that movie.
  21. Cool Hand Luke, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Raising Arizona are outstanding. I want to see The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. My pre 20's film knowledge is lacking. O Brother Where Art Thou is one of my favorites.
  22. This was very hard for me. All opinion of coarse. 20's- The Kid -Charlie Chaplin has a better understanding of motion and emotion than anyone has or will likely have. 30's- The Champ -The stories heart. Reality. Hope. Tragedy. The magic caught of film between The Champ and his son. 40's- Nightmare Alley -This is my favorite movie of all time. LOL I guess it's impossible to say that but it is way up there. The movie DOES NOT feature any of my favorite Writers, Directors, Actors, Actress', ect... But, the movie has so much depth. There's so much at stake. The charac
  23. Great choices. I'll post mine soon. Want to see a few more people answer.
  24. This may be hard but worth every minute. I found that forcing my self to pick one a decade made me see each film in a way I never did before. The 40's was the toughest for me. Sooooooo many great movies. I didn't write my opinions yet because I didn't want to sway anyones answers. I hope you find this as interesting and fun as I did.
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