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  1. Rest In Peace Burt Reynolds (1936-2018) and Bill Daily (1926-2018). 

  2. Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin (1942-2018). 

  3. A day late, but happy 102nd Olivia de Havilland! 

  4. I wonder if they are one of the theatres that TCM does special showings at. If not, they should be.
  5. Of course, that would have set off a string of studio Shakespeare films leading to which one would get the highest box office, and maybe even would have jumpstarted Olivier's Shakespeare in film desire. It is a shame no one back then thought about it.
  6. They could have done Romeo and Juliet for RKO.
  7. Shame we can never see that scene, we just have this photo. But, Kate did Shakespeare well. Shame she never did Shakespeare on film. The only thing close to it was The Lion In Winter (1968).
  8. Glenda Jackson has a Tony now. Love your living legends! 

  9. So, NEO Backlot members- we are meeting at the Capitol Theatre in Gordon Square in the near future!
  10. I knew you were trouble when you walked in.
  11. I love touching my stick. It is smooth to stroke. It's the stuff my dreams are made of.
  12. Well, at least that's good enough to do a TCM Remembers montage.
  13. It's been a while since I've read the book, but I can deduce that since his sisters were both younger than him, maybe his parents were actually better parents to his sisters than to him, and his mother knew it, and his father didn't care enough to change anything before he died. As for Gudrun, I remember reading how sexually liberating the 1920s were for women and since Britain got the head start on civil rights for women, Gudrun represents what was ahead that maybe Lawrence wanted to show and explore.
  14. There is no one left to represent the Lollipop Guild. Rest In Peace.
  15. I think given the time period she was in and what the film explores "look at me!" is a good approach to performance- particularly in a barrier-breaking film such as Women In Love (1969). We did talk about the film before at ye olde Classic Film Union. I think her need was more than just sex, though. Before Gerald makes the next room wish they had what their room had, she does say to him that she wants more because she doesn't really know if he loves her the way she wanted to love him. Loerke at least paid attention to her and treated her like a person.
  16. There is no one left to represent the Lollipop Guild anymore. Rest In Peace Jerry Maren. 

  17. Jlewis, I know its been a while, but I do miss reading your film analyses. If I can add something to this, is that when it came to the mirrors into Gerald's cold, sad soul, that maybe they reflect his desires- the first towards Rupert, who he is, the second away from Rupert towards Gudrun, who he is absent to, and the third, himself- conflicted, and going with convention. I also wanted to add that I guess we can count it progress that Rupert and Gerald are a step above Ben Hur and Massala, although I am sure Massala was freer in Rome.
  18. Yes, I remember him winning an Emmy for the TV movie The Normal Heart, and thinking- "that monk did everything for visibility."
  19. As for the gay men at the ski resort, I did notice a jealousy from Gerald and a greater upset that Gudrun preferred the artist over him. I think maybe Gudrun wanted Gerald to be free to be himself as she was free to be herself. Why else would she passively say "truth is best?"
  20. I've read Sons and Lovers and read Women In Love. I have yet to read Lady Chatterly's Lover. I don't think that Rupert Birkin is gay from recent viewing. There is a genuineness in his attraction to Ursula that Gerald doesn't have towards Gudrun. I think Birkin might be bisexual, and Ursula is the traditional romantic, innocent of the world. Gudrun is more realistic to me, who wants the reality of love. Gerald just seems like a person who prefers the iron closet. Gerald rejects Rupert's love too, especially at the end of the Sweden trip before Gerald's death.
  21. This may jog your memory:
  22. The Criterion Collection recently released a restored version, and its been a short while since I saw it, and it was really interesting. The film is controversial in its time, and explores sexual liberation and sex on film. But, given the late 60s, early 70s of the time of its original release then the American release, and the subsequent Oscar afterwards for Glenda Jackson, I saw something I didn't see before. Gerald Crich's sexuality or lack thereof, and Gudrun Brangwen's relation to him, and relationship to him. When I first saw it, I was thinking Jackson's Gudrun is a feminist force
  23. Hi, I saw you also message me privately and will answer- this seems like an amazing undertaking/effort. However, I think we can build into this restoration by holding events/fundraisers. If we were to meet, I know the Capitol Theatre in Gordon Square shows classic movies from time to time. It is usually in the morning, and maybe we can meet each other there and get brunch or lunch in the area afterwards? Thoughts? I don't want to neglect anyone on the East Side either.
  24. Me too. I want to see if the deleted scene of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Katharine Hepburn perform a scene from Romeo & Juliet. Apparently Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Mary Pickford came to watch that scene. https://i0.wp.com/margaretperry.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/MorningGlory-DeletedScene.jpg
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