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  1. I have, but I wait them out.
  2. I can't say without getting another warning
  3. I don't mind the deep end of the pool, provided it's not dirty. To paraphrase Ann Dettrey from Gentleman's Agreement (1947).
  4. I didn't intend for my reference of that film to get that deep. I thought by mentioning it we could return to the intended goal of talking about her movies.
  5. Well, in her case, and given one of her essentials, it's kind of hard to not let conversations run their natural course. I mean, the cards fall where they fall....
  6. Well, to be fair, many of have stated on here and other TCM internet presences that Lansbury was a Republican, and while it is possible to be a Republican and socially liberal, I just commented the way I did because that was a CFU understood truth, and I should have verified on my own before going on and posting it here.
  7. Well, to my knowledge, Bronwyn lived in Ireland, and given what we know of her father, who didn't have the best of health, I am sure that it could be health that prevented her from traveling to America for her mother's funeral. That, and it is possible to speculate that the elder abuse Maureen O'Hara experienced that led to her living with her grandnephew in Idaho may have had led to bad blood between Bronwyn and the other FitzSimmons relatives. I don't know. I don't want to start anything by speculating anything about the matter. All I know is what Maureen wrote in 'Tis Herself and current ne
  8. I read about it, but since Bronwyn wasn't as public as her mother, I chose not to say anything on here.
  9. She must've jumped ship when it was getting too crazy
  10. Fine. But don't belittle those who may want to sign just because it isn't your cup of tea. The world doesn't revolve around you, you know.
  11. Well, that just shows how complicit people are to obscurity who also have the same audacity to complain when they have the same capacity to do something about it. And, for someone who signs petitions daily, I have often seen fruit from efforts, but then again, I am probably more politically active than most here.
  12. If anyone out there actually wants to sign this petition and put your mouth where the money is, here is the link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/954/241/461/release-to-each-his-own-1946-to-american-audiences-on-dvd/ It would help to open it in another window.
  13. There is a petition letter to Paramount and Warner Brothers on the website. Rather than debate the merits of online activism, maybe clicking on the link would be better. petition.org doesn't have you provide a petition to sign without a letter, and the writer can update it at any given point.
  14. And I get that, but I also know that TCM shows this film on more than one occasion, and people watch.
  15. Disney doesn't own the rights to this film. Thanks for the defeatism. Very helpful.
  16. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/954/241/461/release-to-each-his-own-1946-to-american-audiences-on-dvd/ I know there are people who haven't seen this yet who may want to sign! Regardless of where you stand on the film, I think there should be classic films available to the general public. As fans, we have the obligation to make sure the preservation of these films remain. To Each His Own( 1946) is one of those films. If The Best Years Of Our Lives (1946) is the only film to remember of that year to the general public, then the general public is disserviced. Besides, those younger will w
  17. It is a real shame that even the best among us can't get the health care they need because health care is still a privilege and not a right. I hope this case gets amended in her favor.
  18. I don't know if you are being serious a la Nancy Davis Reagan or having fun, but it's the weekend so
  19. Oh, I don't doubt there wasn't industry political influence, but I do think everyone deserves/deserved their Oscar from beginning to 2011 at least. Then, I started doubting.
  20. Well, no body I have worked with is really famous. Sure, I know an actor who was in The Road with Viggo Mortensen and I know a playwright who has had a play of his nominated for an acting Tony, but I think Hepburn had the right ideas about finding reward in work and not in accolades. Sure, her Oscar record isn't beat and will not be beat by an actress I think, but back then, the Academy valued craft over politics.
  21. Not to mention there are a couple of entertainers who have refused awards before: Celine Dion early in her career George C. Scott refused his Oscar Marlon Brando refused his second Oscar Glenda Jackson never showed up. Ving Rhames "refused" and humbly gave his award to Jack Lemmon Sure. fame may block humility, but I have not seen true humility on La Streep's end ever. I honestly think its the fakest thing on her person, next to the smug sense of self-satisfaction.
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