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Status Updates posted by hepclassic

  1. In retrospect, it was like All About Eve. I was Margo, OBM was Eve, JR was Addison, 1968B2 was Karen, and GG was Addison's dog. Boy I wonder who will undermine THAT power sturggle.

  2. Rest In Peace Luise Rainer (1910-2014). Had to come back and share- if this community can find it in their heart to accept me in this time of grief.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and wish my friends, no matter how few and far between they are here, a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!

  4. I am taking a break from TCM's website for a bit because I need time away from it- it has nothing to do with the hypocritical cannibals who violated my privacy, or the administration not listening to its patrons on here. I just need time away.

  5. I'm sorry that people think I'm the enemy simply because I made them, think about things they don't normally think about. I'm sorry that the shame they must feel and do feel caused them to do harm towards me. I'm sorry that they have sad, pathetic lives in which harming a person is the only way they can feel good about themselves. I'm sorry that they went so far out of their way to get something they assumed I have over them. I'm sorry for their losses in their liv...

  6. Funny how people want to comment and give their opinion about something someone else has written, yet when that someone responds with their own opinion, the person who originally gave that opinion gets all upset. What a lack of confidence.

  7. I am not the reputation others have created for me.

  8. Players only love you when you're playing...

  9. I may be alone in pursuing solving the issues at the Classic Film Union, but sometimes you have to be when other people choose to remain silent over things that upset them.

  10. Rights are rights, not privileges to be handed out by an entitled few.

  11. Even the Berlin Wall fell at some point....

  12. Kindness draws more people than spite.

  13. I'm still here. After everything, I am still here.

  14. Don't act like Sister Falconer when you get by like Lulu Baines, although Lulu was human and had more redeeming qualities seeing how she knew both ends of judgment.

  15. Don't act like Sister Falconer when you get by like Lulu Baines, although Lulu was human and had more redeeming qualities seeing how she knew both ends of judgment.

  16. The perceived power that was believed in possession has been past to the one who actually wanted it all to herself in the first place because she assumed in the first place.

  17. Look, I'm tired of arguing as I am sure you are tired of perpetuating the argument. This is the last time I will offer this- let's resolve this at Chatzy. I invite you all to attend. I will send you information about where once you unblock me. Okay? The cow's been milked, literally and figuratively.

  18. I'm not lonely- I have real friends and real life outside of this website. I spend my time on here sharing my appreciation with like-minded people who also appreciate classic film. I wish the same could be said for others.

  19. Eventually, those that care about actually fixing the CFU's technical problems will be sorted out from those who just want their vendettas exacted and realized. I don't take orders from those types of people, at least not anymore. There are actual problems to fix.

  20. I am committed to fixing the Classic Film Union website- I have no time for high school melodramatic distractions.

  21. Thank you TCM Moderators!

  22. It must be lonely looking down at people from the bottom.

  23. I guess there is a bully culture at the CFU after all. It's like they can't even be known or criticized. LOL, and they think I fall into that department!

  24. Glad to know people read the post even though it is no longer there. More power to the trippers!

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