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  1. "Grievance" is a synonym for "petition" in this case. And the person doesn't know why the owner of the film hasn't released it on DVD.
  2. To be fair, I think this person knows the reason for this grievance, and I usually sign petitions myself with this website, and often, the results are good.
  3. I want to see To Each His Own (1946) get a U.S. DVD release, do you? Inquire within.

  4. I can try to post the link again. TCM won't make it appear unless the site is un-blocked. You can also copy the link address and put it in a new tab. Also, I would do it for Olivia de Havilland. I enjoyed the film the first time I saw it and think a DVD release would do it good, and Olivia did just turn a century, and I know its good for business to take advantage of these things on the classic movie market. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/954/241/461/release-to-each-his-own-1946-to-american-audiences-on-dvd/
  5. Thanks. This petition is about the long-desired DVD release of To Each His Own (1946) starring Olivia de Havilland, a performance that won her her first Best Actress Oscar.
  6. Someone posted this just today. I think many classic movie fans would want to know about this, and sign. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/954/241/461/release-to-each-his-own-1946-to-american-audiences-on-dvd/#updated Be sure to right click on it and click on "open link in new tab."
  7. Rest In Peace Marni Nixon (1930-2016) Thank you for your contributions to cinema.

  8. May she rest in peace. I don't think she ever got her due for her contributions. I remember reading about how for the first TCM Classic Film Festival, she came and they wouldn't let her in until she said "I sang for Deborah Kerr, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood, I am going in." She also sang and acted in the screen version of The Sound Of Music portraying Sister Sophia, where her voice was on display. Of course, I loved her styling in My Fair Lady the best:
  9. Rest In Peace Gary Marshall (1934-2016)

  10. May he rest in peace. I loved everything I saw that had his name on it, from tv to film.
  11. Cleveland is hosting the RNC, and I am watching classic movies with better written scripts

  12. True, but there is a draw to films based on how they made you feel.
  13. This post has less to do with LGBTQ presence in cinema, let alone respectful presentation. It has more to do with films you go to when you need to feel safe. This is in this board because we have a reason, more than one, to run to films not to escape, but to feel safe in our expression. To feel safe in our being. To be the flashlight in the closet and to be the first light when we leave it. A film that makes me feel safe with my self, well, let me list two: 1. Funny Girl (1968) There is something about this story that just relates and makes me feel safe. Maybe it's Barbra
  14. You may think that you can relive the 1960s by popping in a Sidney Poitier movie. You do better to read the reviews and the fears.

  15. http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/columns/where-s-the-beef-and-what-is-it/article_aa854fa0-3c14-5997-bd8f-2ae51c67cd7a.html
  16. HAHA! Yes, that is exactly what I mean. I like to read books before i buy them. Libraries usually provide that. I rarely buy books I haven't read, and when I buy books, its because I don't want to constantly borrow them anymore from the library. I am the same way about DVDs.
  17. I don't buy books until after I read them and liked them. I rarely buy books to read.
  18. Thanks. I don't usually buy books I haven't read, but I will happily make the exception if my other resources cannot accommodate.
  19. I'm not their mother, I can appreciate them both equally.
  20. Bummer. Well, next Amazon order maybe. I already have Suspicion (1941) and The Heiress (1949) on their way. I always make sure that for every Fontaine movie I have, I have a De Havilland and vice versa. Just because they were publicly intolerant of each other doesn't mean I shouldn't show equal respect for them.
  21. I have been trying to find Fontaine's memoirs at my library and having no luck. There aren't any Olivia bios there either.
  22. This movie needs a U.S. DVD release date this year or next. There is no excuse why we can't enjoy Olivia's first Oscar win.
  23. These weren't chastity belts.
  24. That's true, they do. But, Fontaine and De Havilland are from the show business generation of Judy Garland and other victims of stage mothers. But, to their "class," I can't say that Fontaine or De Havilland have/had anything negative to say against their mother, but I don't know if that parental influence should be counted or not. I mean, sometimes Freudian psychology is true.
  25. It must also be said that their feud could just be a product of their mother, who was very stage mothery, favoring Olivia because when their parents divorced, Joan stayed with him for a bit in Japan. It is possible that Olivia didn't see this but overheard her mother feel betrayed by her youngest. I don't know. All I know is that Olivia was showered with praise by her mother, and Joan had to earn it. At least that's my understanding of this ancient feud.
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