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Status Updates posted by hepclassic

  1. Amid all the anger and hurt I have felt, amid all the drama I have contributed to in light of unspeakable disrespect, immaturity, and betrayal, the only mature thing to do would be to offer another chance at peace, so I would like to extend an olive branch.

  2. You know what? I'm sick of playing these high school Mean Girl games. So, detractors, grow up and learn some respect.

  3. Ronald Reagan was an FBI informant during the McCarthy years who ratted out his own peers and got rewarded for it later with the Presidency. He also prolonged the Iran hostage situation by talking to the terrorists superceding international law and national law on the matter just so that he could make himself look good come election time. Clearly, he didn't care about human cost because he was too busy being self-serving.

  4. I owe no one any explanation. Privacy is a right on this website, not a privilege to take away from someone for ulterior reasons.

  5. Thank you TCM, for replaying the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony honoring Jane Fonda.

  6. Liberalism is not a mental illness, JR. However, **** is. Just ask Eddie and Obrien. They've practiced that a lot.

  7. Do your parents know?

  8. Go ahead, ask him. He will probably deny it flat out, but ask him.

  9. You might want to ask your allies if they really are your allies, GG and OBM.

  10. Ding Dong the witch is dead!

  11. Boris and Natasha were not as entertaining off screen as they were on.

  12. Rest In Peace James Shigeta (1933-2014). Thank you for your innovative, barrier-breaking performances you've executed with dimension, reality, and truth.

  13. Context is everything.

  14. Having been active on the message boards for a while now, and meeting so many interesting people with a lot to say and talk about, I highly invite everyone who reads this to join the Classic Film Union, if not return to it. We could always use a fresh voice.

  15. a big thank you to all those who helped make this article: http://fan.tcm.com/_Writers-On-Film/blog/6567363/66470.html

  16. I am only responsible for myself here. How people react to my expressions is their own responsibility.

  17. Everything you done to me, already done to you...I may be [a lot of things], but dear God, I'm here!"- The Color Purple

  18. "Every you done to me, already done to you....I may be [a lot of things], but dear God, I'm here"- The Color Purple

  19. Rest In Peace James Garner 1928-2014- and thank you for your contributions to the film and television industry.

  20. I just want to thank the message board members who discussed writers in film- when you can in the next few days, pop over to the Classic Film Union, you can see what it accumulated to.Thanks again!

  21. Here's to the ladies who lunch, aren't they the best?

  22. Rest In Peace Elaine Stritch (1925-2014). Thank you for the laughs.

  23. I'm done trying to get the attention of people who lack the maturity and humility to talk to someone they have a problem with, and would much rather play the victim and blame the victim than to take personal responsibilty for themselves and their actions. I'm done. I'm here for classic films. Are you?

  24. Culture warrior? More like cultural whiner. Just because you cannot accept changes in the world, doesn't mean other people should suffer the indignity of your ignorance, let alone the patience of their time. Those who lack conviction lack confidence.

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