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  1. Wallace Ford in "A Patch of Blue" as old Pa. He should have gotten an award for it.
  2. My pick for underrated beauty (as well as having pure sex appeal) would be Anne Gwynne. She was the #2 **** girl in World War II behind Betty Grable and really lit up the screen in her "B" movie and serial career at Universal and Republic. But she was stunning. Too bad she is unknown today, except by horror fans.
  3. The scene that always gets me is near the end of "Of Mice and Men" when George euthanizes Lennie after he begins the see the farm. I know the story by heart. I know what's going to happen. I weep like a child every time. I refer, of course, to the Chaney/Meredith/Roach version from 1939-40.
  4. I attended the Casablanca event in Harrisburg, PA at the Regal 14. We did not have any delays or technical problems. The Robert Osborne segment was great and I loved the interviews with the handful of people on the Casablanca crew who are still alive. The print itself was good. I do think it was somewhat dark (but I don't know if I would call it dark, dark, dark), but certainly watchable. In close-ups you could see some graininess, but still it was clean. The sound track was in very good shape in our theater. This was probably my 50th viewing of this film, but the first time I had se
  5. Peter Lorre was quite the scene stealer. Can you imagine "The Maltese Falcon" without him? How about his turn as Inspector Slemaine in "Casbah" (1948), opposite a very mediocre Tony Martin as Pepe le Moco.
  6. My all-time list of popular actors that I just never enjoyed: Julia Roberts (most talentless actor ever) ANY Baldwin )most talentless FAMILY ever) Ben Affleck (good director, however) Jackie Gleason (just not funny...ever) Leon Errol (see Jackie Gleason) Brian Donlevy (not really popular, but no use for him) Charles Bickford (except in Of Mice and Men) Barbra Streisand (as a singer or actor...yucch) Tippi Hedren (one dimensional as hell) John Carradine (capable of greatness, but made way too damn many movies)
  7. My top five male in no particular order: Claude Rains Humphrey Bogart Walter Brennan Gary Cooper Lon Chaney, Jr.
  8. Another bias that works against some actors is if they were typecast as horror actors. Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney, Jr. and Vincent Price were never nominated for oscars because the academy considered them all B pics and rejected them out of hand. How amazing that Martin Landau won an oscar portraying Lugosi, yet Lugosi himself was light years away from critical recognition in his lifetime. If it wasn't for Forrest J. Ackerman, the founder of "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine, these names might have faded away completely. Truly "underrated" applies to these actors and those like them.
  9. Talent, schmalent! Public meltdowns indicate one of two things: 1), A lack of character...or 2). Mental illness. Neither of these is excused by having talent, however much it may be.
  10. Boris Karloff went from Karloff the Uncanny in films to the host of THRILLER. People still buy the THRILLER DVDs in good numbers.
  11. Rock Hudson, from GIANT to McMillan and Wife (great show).
  12. My four sexiest women are (in no particular order): Veronica Lake Virginia Mayo Rita Hayworth Elizabeth Taylor (young) They were smoking hot in ways that other actresses could never begin to approach.
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