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  1. Holly, a much underated film is Louis Milestone's A WALK IN THE SUN. Great story, great acting, snappy but realistic dialogue, featuring Dana Andrews,LLoyd Bridges, John Ireland, Richard Conte, Sterling Holloway and a host of lesser known actors. The best thing about the movie is the music and the singer who was highly remeniscent of the great Paul Robeson. Can't think of his name right now, but died tragically in a plane crash in or around 1965. It's just a vrey good film. Best, BruceG.
  2. Hi again everyone. Does anyone out there remember seeing a truly bizarre film from 1930 called JUST IMAGINE? Not strictly speaking a time-travel film but more of a Rip Van Winkle story. And, get this a multi-genre film Part comdey, part science fiction or prediction and, to top things off,a musical no less. It concerns a rube of sorts played by El Brendel(?) who falls asleep or is frozen awake(?) and finds himself in the far-off world of 1980! An absolutely hilarious and incredibly way-off work which should be seen to be believed.The predictions of life in the future are somewhat reminiscent o
  3. Beg to differ with you Holly as to the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future.You're out by 10 years. Perhaps this is because the flux-inhibitor in your Delorean propelled you back a little to far into the past. 1985, not 1975. Would be nice to have another film made, but who could ever replace Michael J. Fox?Best, BruceG.
  4. I think you meant to say a prosthetic glove, designed and colored to look like a hand. Lloyd lost two fingers in an explosive misfire of a movie prop bomb. After a while it looks quite normal. Best, Bruce G.
  5. Hello, FITC,I read somewhere that Paul Muni and Edward G. Robinson were cousins.I don't know for sure but imagine the two of them working together in a film. I also read that Muni was a scene-stealer without equal and greatly annoyed many people he worked with. Years ago I saw an interview with Cornell Wilde who described his working with Muni as a highly disagreeable experience,saying that Muni was the most ego-centric person he had ever encountered.Be that as it may, he certainly turned in some truly memorable portrayals during his career, especially his role in I WAS A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN
  6. Hello again, Fiendish.Was perusing the TCM schedule just now and switched to the Canadian sked for March 24th and THE SEARCH is on at 5:45 pm (DST). I don't know if you can get it, but I can, as I live in the GREAT WHITE NORTH, even if it feels like spring here, right now. You get all the snow I used to get. Hasn't snowed her in over two weeks and even then it wasn't much. Will let you now if THE SEARCH does in fact play. Apparently, it has aired on TCM in the past. Best, BruceG.
  7. Hello Holly. Just saw the new ALICE IN WONDERLAND yesterday and was quite impressed. Technically, it was a 3D marvel and the acting, as far as I'm concerned was excellent.I think it was a very good adaptation of Lewis Carroll's book. Too bad it's not up against AVATAR because I believe it would do very well in several categories, especially special effects.Enjoy the Oscars tonight. I don't normally watch, as I find award shows rather tedious, but that's just me. Best, BruceG.
  8. Hello Fiendish. would be nice to see THE SEARCH. Hanven't seen it myself in my area for about 20-25 years. Another good Zinneman film would be THE SUNDOWNERS, about life in early 20th century Australia with Deborah Kerr,Robert Mitchum,Peter Ustinov,and Glynis Johns. Access to these and other films is becoming extremely problematical.Too bad. Best.BruceG.
  9. A very rich, moving film. monty Clift was terrific in it. The local acting talent, especially the young boy playing the amnesiac was superb.The gentle , inexorable, climax of the film, the joyous reuniting of the boy with his mother was unforgettable.. It's interesting that Clift did this film and soon after did the BIG LIFT with Paul Douglas, both shot on location in war-torn Germany. There seemed at the the time to be a treasure trove of stories revolving around survival, corruption and redemption, immediately after the war.It's merely an observation, but films like THE THIRD MAN,THE BIG LI
  10. Hello, Peterwarne. This is slightly off-topic, but did you ever wonder where actress Lindsay Crouse ever got her name? The two names of the two collaborators ! Coincidence? I wonder. Best, BruceG.
  11. Hello once again, Holly. Checked out Helen Mirren's bio on Wikipedia and confirms my recollections that she is of direct Russian descent. So it follows that she would or could have a very sexy Russian accent. Are you watching any of the Olympics? We're going slightly games crazy up here. Best, BruceG.
  12. Holly, I read somewhere that Helen Mirren's mother is or was Russian, and that portraying a Russian airforce officer in 2010 came naturally to her.I may be wrong but my memory's pretty good about things like this, usually. Best, BruceG.
  13. I'll always remember Lionel Jeffries as the completely absent-minded Cavor, the brilliant and thought crazy scientist who discovers a means of propulsion to take him,Edward Judd and Martha Hyer all the way to the moon.His character was the most memorable and ultimately, the most sympathetic of the three. As THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON was primarily a Ray Harryhausen effect fest, Mr. Jeffries' role was a fine credit to this career. He also directed the classic THE RAILWAY CHILDREN, and that in itself,was truly memorable.He will be sorely missed.Best, Bruce G.
  14. INTOLERANCE,BIRTH OF A NATION, both around 1915! Best, Bruce G.
  15. If you get a chance, check Jean Simmons out in a film entitled THE CLOUDED YELLOW, made in England in the early 50's with Trevor Howard. A gritty, sooty, industrial wasteland of post war depressed Britain, but a wonderful goldmine for plots, plots and more thickening plots. A really good whodunit with several psychological twists to it. Best, BruceG.
  16. Didn't see that particular program unless it's the same one that aired on either Discovery Channel or the History Channel here in Canada.Absolutely fascinating! To have such advanced technology so long ago.It's over 60 years old and it still looks futuristic!.Thank you very much for all the wonderful info, and look forward to corresponding again.Best, BruceG.
  17. Great looking Me-262! I have an excellent die-cast of one from a company called Dragon.Yes, it would have been seriously troublesome for the allies if the german jet had been introduced much earlier in the war. Petty squabbling and irrational allocation of scarces resources shelved the jet fighter and V-weapons programs for several years. The designs were highly advanced. As there was so much duplication of command structures and rivalries in the Nazi state,it's quite a wonder that anything in the way of substantial weapons development was done at all. Thank God they never completely succeede
  18. Thanks Arkadin. I learn something new everyday!. I sort of thought I knew a little about films from years of watching. This litle item of info makes me realize i don't know a very great deal. So, again I thank, not only you but for the many ardent film fans out there. This whole networking of film buffs and enthusiasts is an eyeopener and a valubale resource. Thanks very much,once again.Best, BruceG.
  19. I always feltthat way about Pernell Roberts as well.Maybe that superiority complex of his made him rather difficult to work with.I do recall reading that about him somewhere. Could also explain his paucity of TV and film work. If he didn't like working on Bonanza, why did it take him so long to leave?.Maybe he liked to eat occasionally. As for actors, Lorne Greene was no slouch. In his native Canada, he had his own acting school and was the official voice of the CBC during WWII. Not many actors can be called the "Voice of Doom" and still go on to have a highly successful tv and film career.
  20. Ham, Have tried several times to send an interesting message to you but the portal has timed out.Will try again, possibly sending it in sections, if that's ok?Best, BruceG.
  21. Goering was a monster and he took the coward's way out at Nuremberg. They hould have had a separate trial for him alone.After he was captured by the Americans, he was weaned off his drug addiction and lost a lot of weight(not off his conscience!). Instead of the simpering slob he had become, he was the Goering of old, sly, cunning and manipulative.Had been a better or more technically competent leader of the Luftwaffe instead of the poseur he was, the war might hve ended very differently. But absolute power, corrupts absolutely, as Lord Acton once said. Best, BruceG.
  22. Yes I noticed the hair on the women too as being out of period too!. Funny, I always thought that errors like those came under what is called `continuity. The squibs used to detonate the ground explosions look too much like fireworks. Still, all in all it was great entertainment. As for Goering acting like a child,anyone who should design his own uniforms, take drugs,wear makeup and rings,is a child.Best, BruceG.
  23. Quite agree with you Fred. Some time ago I saw a documentary on the making of TBOB. Very interesting. The scene where where Plummer accidentally puts a Spitfire on its nose is outstanding! Would like to see it again and possibly obtain a copy. Best, Bruce.
  24. Thanks Holly.Was not aware this film was available on Criterion. Will look for it it in future. like Crierion's product very much. Not too impressed with the prices charged up here. I know they're good but shouldn't have to pay through the nose, and it's not because of exchange rates or import duties.Never did understand why governments have to have so much of the pie.Best, Bruce.
  25. Do you remember the film where Stan and Ollie were waiting for a signal from the traffic cop to be allowed to proceed?Stan sees the cop signalling him, says to Ollie, "he wants to talk to us",So Stan gets down from the car and ambles over to the cop and asks what he wants. The cop is annoyed to say the least, and tells Stan to get back in his car and to get moving.But then the cop signals the other lane's cars to proceed, so Stan and Ollie have to wait once more. Then it's their turn again. Cop waves to them to proceed.Stan says to Ollie: "say Ollie, that man wants to talk to us again" and he
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