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  1. Bogart to cleaning lady:"Either I know my lines and read the script, or I'm way early on the set!
  2. Dr Frankenstein:"My God, Igor, your eyes look terrible! Igor:"Master, you oughta see them from my side!
  3. French New Wave Cinema? Funny don't see waves of any kind here!
  4. What a great film and cast. Mind you,to me, the stars are the wonderful old automobiles, a Derrick and a 1907 Spiker.Years ago, MATCHBOX die cast cars, when they were still made out of metal and still made in England, produced a lovely little scale replica of a 1907 Spiker, completely detailed down to the spokes of the wheels. No plastic and other such hideous innovations.The box even had a little promo for the film GENEVIEVE on the back telling the purchaser to try and view the film. It was a great favorite of my mum and dad for many years.As to the demolition of the pub, progress seems to be
  5. Hi Fred, MANHUNT was quite an intesting film. Have you ever read the book ROGUE MALE by Geoffrey Household from the film is derived? Haven't seen the Peter O'Toole version. Looks and sounds interesting. Will look into it. Best, BruceG.
  6. What about Ray Milland or Charles Boyer? Both suave, both popular with the ladies.Ideal to play a serial killer of unsuspecting women.Cary Grant?Laird Cregar?Had he lived, he might have been an interesting choice.
  7. Thanks Holly, indeed it is!. Will only have to wait the studio's pleasure, if and when the movie is made available for purchase or rental.Cheers, and Happy New Year to you.Best, BruceG.
  8. Hello again, everyone. Years ago, I saw a film made for television called THE BIRD MEN. It wasn't about escaping from Alcatraz or anything of that ilk.It was an exciting WWII escape story based partly on fact and the rest on suppostion. The plot centers on a successful escape from Colditz castle near the Swiss border by highly unconventional means; a hand-made, man carrying glider.The acting was quite good and the story line quite gripping. Good cast, good direction.Cast included Richad Basehart as the commandant, Renee Aubergenois, and Max Baer Jr.There were several other good actors in it, b
  9. Holly, I read somewhere that Brett himself suffered from bi-polarism.Would you or anyone else out there confirm or deny this assertion?Can't remember where I read this.Possibly just after his untimely death?P.S. Hope your Christmas was a good one.Cheers, BruceG.
  10. Agree with you, wholeheartedly. I think Mr. Morrow was undervalued as an actor. His portrayal of gangster "Dutch" Schulz was terrific in a largely forgotten film.People tended to think of him as TV actor.Perhaps.All those years of doing COMBAT probably did nothing to dispel that view.His last film , of course , was the lamentable TWILIGHT ZONE:THE MOVIE. A film that could hve been so much better, if the producers and writers had left the original stories from the TV show alone. By tweeking them and changing them , for a newer, younger audience,the subtle nuances of the writing were lost, ultim
  11. Hi Iz, Hope you had a good Christmas. I saw MURDER BY DECREE some thirty years ago at the local theater,when I lived in Montreal. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Given the limitations of budget and such the cast was quite amazing:Plummer, Mason,Donald Sutherland,John Gielgud, Anthony Quayle, Gerald Sim,Susan Clark,Frank Finlay,and Genvieve Bujold. The incorporation of Jack the Ripper and the long-held suspicion that the Ripper murders were indeed politically-driven with Sherlock Holmes' characters was inspired.It wasn't the first time that Jack the Ripper was transported from fact to fiction. In 1979,
  12. Just watched WE"RE NO ANGELS with my family and thoroughly enjoyed it.What a great cast! Bogart, Ustinov and Ray work wonderfully off one another. A great ensemble cast, or so it would seem.Rathbone is marvelously loathsome as is his equally avaricious nephew. Courteously removed by the ever absent Adolphe, the story resolves many nasty bits and ties them all up in a lovely Christmas bow!. Joan Bennett is radiantly beautiful and Leo G. Carroll is her most fortunate husband. Directed by Micahael Curtiz, who could ask for anything nicer for Christmas? Film may have been one of Curtiz's last, a
  13. How about Disney's FUN AND FANCY FREE? There's a great scene at the end where the giant picks up the Brown Derby, lights and all, and places it jauntily on his head as he merrily causes havoc in Hollywood. Would that work for your dinner party? Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. Best, BruceG.
  14. Well I'll try this one again. Just accidentally deleted my message to you. Bogart may look cool, but it's what ultimately killed him. Everyone in films back then seemed to smoke. It was the social thing to do.Everyone did it. Soldiers were supplied with endless amounts of tobacco and cheap, reliable, ZIPPO lighters. Bogart in SAHARA has had to have smoked about a carton of cigarettes by the time he and Bruce Bennett are rescued at the end of the film.Ironically, Bruce Bennett lived to over 100 years of age, having just died last year!. He didn't smoke. Many other actors of note have s
  15. Holly,for me YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is Brooks' best.Who can forget Marty Feldman's goggle-like eyeballs and that lascivious grin of his. Or Kenneth Mars as the rather "wooden" Burgermeister with his uncooperative hand(rather reminds me of Peter Sellers' Dr. Strangelove strangling himself in his wheelchair, absolutely priceless!), or the song and dance routine at the scientific convention! Chloris Leachman's housekeeper who makes horses whinnie. Absolutely inspired lunacy.A very fitting, tongue-cheek homage to James Whale and Karloff in particular. In an interview done in Toronto some years ago, Br
  16. Holly, the Sherlock Holmes character has to be the most interesting and varied of any actor's career. Rathbone was great as Holmes, Nigel Bruce was wonderful in a stuffy, befuddled sort of way, but he seemed to play the same character in all of his films. Perhaps, it was expected of him, and he didn't wish to disappoint. I digress. Jeremy Brett, for me, was the perfect Holmes. The Mystery series fully and completely encapsulated the genre, the Victorian atmosphere, the sheer smell of the time. One can almost smell the coal fires of the chimneys and the masses of London's slums. B
  17. Why bother even doing a remake.Leave well enough alone! These days, Harrison Ford looks like he`s sleep-walking through most of his roles.I really like the guy, but lately he just seems rather bored with movie-making. Another example of pointless remakes is BORN YESTERDAY.Melanie Griffith is no Judy Holiday, and Don Johnson is no William Holden. Complete waste of time and money. I think Hollywood sometimes is bereft of anything new and creative nowadays.Too much money and too little talent available. Just sour grapes or venting. Best Bruce.
  18. It's definitely not TOPKAPI. TOPKAPI, I think is the sine qua non of heist pictures, at once intriguing,hilariously funny, complicated, hair-raising, nail-biting, and entirely entertaining. Based on Eric Ambler's THE LIGHT OF DAY, the movie in no way resembles any other.A wonderful ensemble cast, headed by the inimitable Melina Mercouri, ably supported by the superb Peter Ustinov, along with Akim Tamirov, Maximilian Schell, and a group of lesser known Greek and Turkish actors,this film is in a class by itself. Wonderful photography, great music, what else could one ask for..
  19. I agree with you FG, OUT OF THE PAST is top-notch, A-one film noir.Great script, great cast, great photography. Would be nice if TCM would air it sometime, preferably soon. I think it's a rather neglected film, which should be shown more often. Best, Bruce.
  20. Yes interesting isn't it.Colman wan't the only silent actor whose voice was discovered after the onset of "talkies". Actors with theatrical experience, especially English actors were in great demand at this juncture.Claude Rains,Herbert Marshall,Basil Rathbone,Reginald Denny,Reginald Gardiner, and a host of others were all on hand to add tremendous depth and class to a new and dynamic industry. Boggles the mind, so to speak. I mean given that Colman, Rains, Marshall, and Rathbone, all serving in the same regiment(The London Scottish) on the western front, in WWI, miraculously survived, relativ
  21. Hi again Fred.As a matter of fact you related this story just a little while ago about Ronald Colman and Jack Benny.No harm in reminding us all what a charming story it still is. If you are having senior moments like me, don't worry about it. Happens all the time to me. Best Bruce.
  22. Hello again. Thanks for the nice reply regarding Mitchum's CAPE FEAR. As for films about television and audience manipulation, how about Elia Kazan's,A FACE IN THE CROWD? I've seen this film many times and I can't get over Andy Griffith's performance! What an absolute egomaniacal con man! I could never view anything else he did without flashbacking to this film. What a tour de force. He was absolutely loathsome and spellbinding at the same time. Considering that he had little theatrical training in the purest sense, his performance is incredible.Should have got the academy award that ye
  23. Holly, Mitchum's Max Cady in CAPE FEAR is, perhaps, the scariest thing he's ever done. Great ensemble cast:Peck, Balsam,Savalas,Polly Bergen. Small picture, small budget. Great director,J.Lee Thompson. Fantastic score by Bernard Herrman and editing by George Tomasini. Could easily have been a Hitchcock film! Had he directed it, it would have made a great companion piece to PSYCHO. Maybe it is. Try reading the John D.MacDonald novel, THE EXECUTIONERS, from which the film script is derived. A close second in sheer fright is Charles Laughton's NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. Mitchum's bogus minist
  24. Liked him in SLATTERY'S HURRICANE. Who could forget him as psychopath Tommy Udo in KISS OF DEATH? That menacing,maniacal giggle. Enough to give one the creeps.He was very good as the prosecutor in JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBURG, and the cynical pick-pocket in Sam Fuller's PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET(right title?).I think Richard Widmark was highly versatile, at once likable, believable, and more often than not, absolutely dispicable, in his long and varied career. I have some old radio programs he did back in the early '50's on vinyl. Again, he was excellent in almost everything he did. I miss him a lot.Be
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