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  1. Bummer! Maybe you can watch live on a tablet or laptop.
  2. I had the whole morning of June 22 blocked off for recording Watch on the Rhine To Have and Have Not Assignment in Brittany (which I believe was to be a TCM premiere) The Edge of Darkness I understand that they had to make room for the Christopher Lee tribute. I only wish they wouldn't pick days with rarely shown or never before shown films scheduled on them.
  3. I have two movies that I saw long ago and would love to see again. The Suspect (1944) starring Charles Laughton A Woman's Vengence (1948) starring Charles Boyer
  4. I feel like I saw that scene recently but I can place who said the line.
  5. The thing is, it used to do it all the time, for years its done it. I didn't used to get any kind of guide for my satellite system. It was the way I stayed on top of what was coming up on TCM. I'm really missing that function. I'm surprised no one else is. I've tried to figure out how to email them and let them know but I've had the hardest time finding a "contact us" address.
  6. Lupino was in HIGH SIERRA with Joan Leslie
  7. Yeah, but did you notice the dates? Both of those movies have passed. However it didn't show Island in the Sky which airs on Monday July, 30th or Flying Leathernecks, Stage Coach, Allegheny uprising that airs August 1st. In fact, August 1st is John Wayne day for Summer Under the stars. There should have been at least 10 movies that showed up. When you used to type in an actors name it would show you all of the movies that person would be in for the next 3 months. Now it only shows a few of the movies that aired in the past couple of months. Not really that useful if your planning what
  8. What has happened to the Search function of the TCM website? This webiste used to have the best search capabilities of any website around until about 6 months ago. Now it sucks! its one of the worst around. I kept thinking that something happened and they would fi it, but nothing has happened. You used to be able to put in the name of a film or actor and it would show you when it was going to air in the next three months. Now when you put in an actor or a movie, it only shows 0 matches or past showings even when you know its scheduled to come on soon. When are they going to fix it?!
  9. As a DEFIANT ONE, you over came being THE OUTSIDER and made it through THE RAT RACE like HOUDINI to experience THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS where you learned that SOME LIKE IT HOT in THE GREAT RACE of life. And You always looked damned good doing it! Farewell Tony Curtis.
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