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  1. 1. There is an immediate "Hitchcock touch" within the first two minutes of the movie: one of the spectators of the show removes his glasses and the viewer is put into his position of seeing what he sees - at first blurry and then sharper, when the glasses are put back on and everything comes back into focus. 2. Undoubtedly, there are elements in these first opening sequences that display his early experiments in putting the viewer in the position of the character - something we will see throughout Hitch's career. 3. Having seen hundreds of silent films, in some ways I believe there a
  2. Yesterday was such a great day to be at home and watch all my favorite San Francisco-themed Noir flicks. Living here in this city is inspirational - to say the least - but so much fun to see a landmark that we know so well. We are also fortunate to have our own Noir festival at The Castro Theater in February and I'm thrilled to be taking part in this Summer of Darkness!
  3. Love the POV opening for a purely gimmick reason; more to watch Lauren Bacall chew up the scenery and stare into the camera. Also love the landscape shots around the San Francisco area and over the Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. Johnny Eager. Loved Lana Turner. She was perfect for the role and her breakdown is effective. Van Heflin and Robert Taylor's bromance was palpable and Heflin's performance - down to the tears at the end with the pan to the Policeman's badge (711!), was inspiring. Hate, hate, hate that she gets punched. Despite the protagonist trying to make good at the end, I don't think it was justified.
  5. Thank you, Tricia! Confirmed for me that I wasn't delusional!!! I KNEW that scream...
  6. Here is a pretty arcane trivia question; does anyone have any information on the sound effect of Miss Havisham's scream when she dies? Because I would put even money down that it is the exact same scream used in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and since this movie came first, I wonder if Disney appropriated from this film or if it was part of some stock sound effects and is the female version of the Wilhelm Scream.
  7. A little known gem: Feast at Midnight with Christopher Lee. Foreign Language: La Grande Bouffe
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