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  1. ...Or Michael Jackson's face...
  2. I received my bio on John Gilbert on Saturday and it's SIGNED! It seems to have a dedication to whomever bought it the first time and then it's signed by Leatrice Gilbert Fountain. I was pretty excited. Apparently her signature isn't worth that much though, since I bought it rather cheap. Still exciting though.
  3. I'm with you on Mayer sabatoging Gilbert. No, I wasn't there, but I'm able to form that opinion from the many things I've read about their confrontation. AND from the things I've read of Mayer, I wouldn't put it past him. I can't wait 'til my book comes though, to read more about it.
  4. Alix, Leatrice Gilbert was born in 1924 while dad was still alive. She actually became an actress herself in bit parts for some big movies. I found the book at a used bookstore a couple years ago and skimmed through it but alas, I did not buy it and I should have. After I posted yesterday, I found that Alibris has a few new and used copies and ordered one for myself. It is called Dark Star and has a subtitle. Good luck in finding it. Also, about Kay Frances from your post in Pre-Codes--I have some info on her in a book called The Power of Glamour about what she did after her movie career
  5. Alix, the only movie I have seen Leatrice Joy in is Love Nest from 1951 with Marilyn Monroe. I think this was the first film she'd done since her silent days (in which she appeared in DOZENS!) and I think it was her last film as well. Their daughter, Leatrice Gilbert Fountain, wrote a book on dad, but not much was said about mom as I can recall. Actually, I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of that book again with not much luck. Anyone out there know anything about it?
  6. Thank you Mongo for defending our beloved patypancake. As much as she (and most people on these boards) adores old movies and stars, I doubt she takes pleasure in the demise of these people. Like moviejoe said, because we love them so much, we want to know more about them, their successes as well as their tragedies. And as you pointed out, it's more that we SYMPATHIZE with these stars. I know that when I read about the hard times and the deaths of my favorites, I get really emotional. For example, I read Donald Spoto's bio of Marilyn Monroe THREE times and when it came to the point of her
  7. Moviejoe, have you read Donald Spoto's bio of Monroe. The final chapter gives the author's belief of what happened the night of her death. He offers evidence to back up his beliefs and dispells a lot of the rumors that have followed for the past 40 years--including that the Kennedys were involved in her death. You may want to check it out. It is the most credible bio I've read of Marilyn (or, in fact, of any other star).
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