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  1. Taking another tack, (and I realize the original post refers to DTV/Dish broadcasts) if you have Comcast, and Streampix is part of your On Demand package, "The Fake" is just one of many early 50s flicks that have been added this past month. You can catch it there if you missed the TCM broadcast. --Arch
  2. YAY!! Mark-o is back! Had wanted to watch MAD HOLIDAY, but forgot it was on and am now just tuning in. :-( Maybe it will show up again sometime. As always, groovin' selections, Mark!
  3. Are you groovin' to this incredible early 30s lineup this morning? (01/28/13). Yowza! -Arch
  4. The print they're showing tonight of 'Martha Ivers' is the best one I've ever seen.
  5. I was looking forward to this one, but have to admit I bailed after about 30 minutes; it just didn't grab me. What's great, though, is that TCM continues to provide us with opportunities to see these films, and then judge for ourselves. Even if I don't personally like a film, I am always interested in the threads to see what other people have to say about it. The fact that they are here for us at all is a gift!
  6. Love this flick, Oh Cool One. Hey! Check out all the early 30s flicks coming up on Monday. Will be following your lead and groovin! -Arch
  7. Thanks, TopBilled - I didn't know that. I'll look for it there.
  8. I was really enjoying this until Comcast FROZE during the last 6 minutes of the movie. Finally popped back on, but jumped from Niven confronting Conte to Stanwyck accepting Niven's marriage proposal. Nonetheless, it's a Stanwyck movie I'd never seen and I liked it.
  9. OK... soooooooooo.... between the annoying drunk and everybody repeating everybody elses dialogue ... I'm losing interest in this one. Maybe it will pick up. Cool that it's getting an airing, though.
  10. Mark-o, BABY!! I knew Warren William would draw you out! Warren's day is the one I've been waiting for. What a treat. A few in there I haven't seen, which is cool - looking forward to all of them. In the meantime, I will do the Mark-o Groove Dance in anticipation of WW on Thursday! Glad to see you, pal!
  11. Beautiful montage, but I think that song and its vocalist are God-awful. And yes...! Thanks for the clarifcation on Liz being late! Wonderful touch! -Arch
  12. Yep...this is the week I've been waiting for, Mark-o! As always, you provide a "rockin'/groovin'" summation of the highlights! -Arch
  13. Nancy Kelly has a spectacular breakdown in "The Bad Seed."
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