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  1. Ginger keeps up and, at times, challenges Fred in a call-response kind of dance. There is a sense of equal footing and feeling each other out in this scene. Overall, I liked what Wes Gehring, Ph.D. said in the lecture video about the difficulty of genre classification. This movie is a carefully crafted comedy with music and dance and that would be the expectation because of the principle players of the film. By this time Fred Astaire is a full-blown star and enjoyed for both his dancing, singing and acting. Ginger Rogers is appearing in many other vehicles that show her as a triple-threat performer. Their relationship with viewers has been established since this is the fourth pairing. Add the music of Irving Berlin, and this movie fires on all cylinders. (As an aside, I ask, did people really see movies in terms of classification at this time? Did studios market them with a particular category?) Today we over classify everything to the point of alienating certain audiences from films because they get labelled a "chick flick", or romcom, or an action movie. Back in the 1930s, movies were entertainment and escape, especially because of the economic times, and something that entertained you was the name of the game. Top Hat fits the bill. If we must classify this film, I would say it is a screwball comedy as it fits with the sparring couple concept that belongs to that genre. The screwball comedy pitted the male and female against each other, tending to show them as equals in the game. That is what I think of when I watch Fred & Ginger movies. The music and dancing progress the plot and romance and allow us to see the pair develop into a couple.
  2. I too am sorry for your loss. Friends fill our lives.
  3. movieman1989 I am interested in going on the cruise and would like to share accommodations. I am a 43 year old female from Calgary, Canada. Also sounds like a great price on the cabin. This would be my first TCM Cruise. Rachel
  4. Do you need a roommate or are you just concerned about going alone? I'm in need of a roommate to share costs. Rachel
  5. Looking for a roommate for the TCM Cruise in October. I'm 43, female, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This would be my first TCM cruise. Please let me know if you are interested by replying to my post.
  6. I am planning to attend but will be solo and am interested in sharing hotel/apartment to help with cost and stay closer to the venues. Looking for other solo female preferably.
  7. Thanks, Kyle. Good information. This helps my uncertainty. Can't wait! Cheers! Rachel
  8. I'm new to the festival and was wondering about advance notice of all the screenings available. Is a program provided prior to the event to help attendees plan their time? Rachel
  9. Hey there, I would really like to attend the festival and had my name on a waiting list for an Essentials Pass but have not heard anything. Anyone not able to attend and wants to sell their pass? redrakel
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