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  1. For sentimental reasons, I would have to say "True Grit". Although I always liked John Wayne, it was when this movie was released that he became my all - time favorite actor. Of course, he won the Oscar for it (there were other movies of his in which I feel he also really deserved an Oscar - The Searchers, Red River, and The Shootist, etc.), but at least he won!!
  2. I had recorded this movie on my DVR when it was previously shown. Over the weekend, I inadvertantly erased it. Does anybody know when it will be shown again? Thank you!!
  3. Thanks for filling in the blanks, Fred!!
  4. Off Topic I believe that not long after the making of "Call of the Wild" Loretta Young went to Europe. When she returned she brought an infant whom she adopted. It turns out that she and Clark Gable had an affair during the making of the movie and the result was that Loretta became pregnant. Being a good Catholic, she refused to have an abortion, thus her travel to Europe. This all came out many years later. I've forgotten if Clark Gable knew about this.
  5. *"Hollywood Golightly said:* *Well, I think the first 5 were a pretty big clue.* *How about State Fair (1945)? Do you like that one too? I love it!"* That's one I haven't seen. There also was Carousel and Flower Drum Song, both of which I've only seen bits and pieces.
  6. lol - what was the first clue? Seriously, I am. Quite obvious right?
  7. Just about any Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, but if obligated to just one, it would have to be.................The Sound of Music.
  8. Not in any particular order - a partial list: The Sound of Music Oklahoma The King and I South Pacific Wizard of Oz
  9. *Coop,* *It was common practise at Warner Brothers to re-use footage like that. I'm guessing it was to save costs.* *If you watch Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk (with Errol Flynn) back to back, you will see much of the same battle footage used in both films.* Izcutter, That sounds reasonable. I know that once the color process for films started, there were a lot of films that were done in black and white, instead of color, to save money. Thanks!!
  10. About a month or two ago, I taped both Angels with Dirty Faces and Roaring Twenties. I was going back and forth, watching both of them and I was absolutely amazed when I noticed that there was the same scene in both of them: a man (with his back to the camera) carrying a box with X's (Bootlegged Liquor) on it.
  11. Robert Strauss - Stalag 17 - William Holden
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