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  1. I think that arguments for the saddest movie ever made could also be made for Brian's Song, which almost reduced an entire class of 6th graders to tears when I was a kid and Schindler's List, which has been devastating humans with that red coat since 1993. Speaking of two previously mentioned titles: My mother refuses to watch All Mine to Give ever again. It caused such a tremendous emotional response from her she will not watch it. She refuses to watch Old Yeller and Psycho ever again for similar reasons. Also, my mom, two of my sisters and I began watching Make Way for Tomorrow when it aired on TCM last year. By the end, I was the only one left watching it. One sister was so depressed she went home and my mother and other sister adjourned to their respective rooms until it was over. Sissies.
  2. I love the Rene Clair version. I used to have an old, beat up copy on VHS. I loved Huston and Fitzgerald in it. I thought the later version with Fabian in it was pretty good, but I prefer the 40's version. I think I saw the 70's version once and thought it was awful.
  3. It Happened One Night actually came out in 1934, but I get your point. You were on a roll.
  5. Let me qualify my earlier comment. I don't like the cinematography and screenplay more because they are more influential, I like the cinematography and screenplay more because I think they are better. Although, the pull back shot in GWTW, revealing the wounded and dead in Atlanta, is hard to beat.
  6. It was supposed to be a direct reply to an earlier comment. Of course, now it appears to be totally unrelated to that comment. Sorry, gang! My top 5 Wilder films list is: Sunset Boulevard Double Indemnity Ace in the Hole The Apartment The Seven Year Itch I debated between The Apartment, Some Like it Hot and The Seven Year Itch in my head and it came down to sheer rewatchability. That is not to say that Some Like it Hot, Stalag 17 and Witness for the Prosecution are not rewatchable. I just prefer Marilyn in full color with her skirt billowing upward. It's so iconic and I think the movie is so funny. It's a good companion to The Apartment, I think
  7. I will feel bad for leaving so many great movies off of my list, but here goes: REAR WINDOW SHADOW OF A DOUBT STRANGERS ON A TRAIN PSYCHO ROPE I have watched these, and Dial "M" for Murder, more than any of the others. It's really quite difficult to compile a favorite Hitchcock film list. To put 5 movies ahead of Vertigo may seem a sacrilege, but whattayagonnado? If I were to make a list of my 10 favorite Hitchcock movies I would still leave off some great ones. The man was the greatest ever.
  8. I would say that Citizen Kane's cinematography and screenplay were better than Gone with the Wind's. That is not to diminish those of GWTW, because they are great too, but the influence of Kane's cinematography is undeniable, I think. Although it was not entirely the creation of Orson Welles and Gregg Toland, as it was influenced by the German Expressionists, it was still highly influential on the way Hollywood films were shot. The acting could go either way. There were so many great parts played by great actors in GWTW.
  9. The first movie I remember seeing was the 1976 version of KING KONG. I was 2 years old. My uncle took me to see it. I had Raisinets and threw up.
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