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  1. Whee! A Joel McCrea film i haven't seen yet, and over 2 hours long. I'm giddy! Oh, and that Stanwyck chick is usually pretty good too (ducks barrage of flying produce) Message was edited by: VideoVertigo
  2. 2001: Randomly bizarre distractions used in place of an actual plot Boomerang! (1947) When no one can think of a title, throw a dart at a dictionary page. I, Robot: A film for people who never read Isaac Asimov, by people who never read Isaac Asimov Bear Island (1971): See above, replace Asimov with Alistair MacLean Ice Station Zebra: If you want to keep your other characters guessing whether your lead is a secret agent, calling him "John Smith" is sure to confuse them The Horse Soldiers: John Wayne discovers the best way to get the girl is to use writers drunker than Will
  3. Another vote for Joel McCrea... in particular: Foreign Correspondent Sullivan's Travels Palm Beach Story That's 3 films in 4 years that IIRC were all Best Picture nominees... you'd think the lead actor might have had something to do with it. Also off the top of my head... if any of these did get nominated, please correct me. Van Heflin "Patterns (1956) Kirk Douglas "Ace in The Hole" (1951) Laurence Harvey "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962) Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins "On The Beach" (1959) Was Fred MacMurray nominated for Double Indemnity? If not, he shoul
  4. I'd say it was probably a few different channels at about the same time (early '90's) AMC and TBS in particular. I believe use to have their "100% Weird" block on Friday nights, where I got my intro to the gloriously cheesy horror flicks like Vincent Price in "House of Wax" and "The Tingler" while AMC was showing the more A-list stuff. I have a terrible memory for what channel i saw a movie on that long ago, but if any particular movies fave me a shove toward the classics I'd say some were The Manchurian Candidate, Sullivan's Travels, the Hitchcock duo of Psycho and Rear Window, Forbidde
  5. Guy walks into a restuarant. Waiter asks him for his order, the man says, coffree, no cream. The waiter goes, comes back and says... "I'm sorry, we're out of cream. Would it be OK without milk instead?" Or at least that's pretty close... the point being that no matter what, the customer is still stuck with black coffee. And the poster who said the scene is not about the joke is totally right... it's about poor melvyn Douglas trying everything to get Garbo to laugh and striking out... until he falls off his chair and looks like an idiot. Then she laughs.
  6. I'm in Jacksonville, FL and i've been watching TCM for a few years... it's become by default channel to turn to when it seems there's nothing on. Thanks to TCM I've "discovered" stars like William Holden and supporting aces like Wendell Corey, as well as vastly expanding my viewership of proven favorites like Joel McCrea. Looking forward to plenty of informative, funny, and sometimes utterly pointless conversations here
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