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  1. I've been thinking about this for awhile now and this might not make much sense but why is that classic actors, almost all the great ones had much more presence on screen then those of today? I'm a 28 and I do like modern films alot (I'm not a classic films snob) but when I think my favorite actors, one or maybe two is still acting today that is in my top 25. I just feel like Cagney, Grant, Cooper, Wayne, William Powell.. listing of the top of my head some people I like or not all had more screen presence/charisma on screen then most have in one or two scenes today.. Every Cagney film yo
  2. I'm 28, A few years ago, I stumbled on to TCM, it's on my cable package. I was one of those who loved the modern films and didn't bother with B&W.. Seeing James Cagney on the screen changed my perception that older movies stink. Now, some are like me but others don't even bother and stay in their TV rotation. if the audience was more aware.. then maybe they would like it or not but TCM is in their own little bubble. At the very least, they need ads on other channels.
  3. I love this post Tom. Just shows why I love Cagney so much.. So much presence that he can make any movie watchable for me and while he wasn't in many romantic films, he did shine with a few female cohorts, Ann Sheridan I believe was his best fit. As for your orignal post, again has to be Cagney for me. I like Eddie G but I haven't seen many of his movies..Still, I don't get the same feeling I have with Cagney. Finally, bogart.. I just never have gotten into him or his movies..I don't think I like his acting style..
  4. James Cagney, William Powell and its so hard to chose a third, probably Denzel Washington.
  5. James Cagney is the reason I watch classic films. it was his charm that drew me to the films on TCM.. If only all of his films were on DVD..
  6. I'm a huge Cagney fan but I just don't picture him as Robin hood, not that he couldn't do a great job.. honestly, I'm glad he didn't because just like gangster roles with Cagney, roles like Robin hood pigeon holed Flynn's career.
  7. Being a new classic fan, I regrettably haven't seen much Bergman so alot of this is new to me.. I watched *Adam had four sons* and really liked Bergman in this movie, beautiful, strong, protective of her family... I was so tired though that I took a nap afterward.. I think I'll watch Gaslight tonight and the rest of the primetime offerings or at least DVR them. If a star intrgues me like Bergman does, I like to see their films and form my opinion and since basically all of them are new to me, I can't really say their bad now can I?
  8. Depends on the CGI really.. if Someone makes a film that is CGI driven take for example Transformers or Battleship then that's all it usually is. the script is weak, and its just a bunch of cool looking robots designed by the computer..If CGI is done to enhance a script and done correctly, then that can make for a great film.
  9. No haha just lucky that his girl doesn't like going to movies and I has no girl to go with :^0
  10. When I go to the movies with pops, the reason its hard to go see another movie is the theater employees watching as you leave one theater.. but if they're not its quite easy to slip into another theater. No one checks your tickets.
  11. Haha well if I was lucky enough to be on date with someone, I would hope they at least enjoyed the movie I took them too even if they didn't want to have big conversation about it.. movies is like one of those things I want in common with a girl,,Not every single movie of course but the taste of someone's movies can say alot about them.
  12. Finally watched "Footlight Parade" off the DVR what a treat! Cagney and Blondell, The always lovable Frank McHugh as the exasprated dance director. I love how the film keeped building, adding little side stories, a bit over the top at times but that's okay, really enjoyable film. I could see why Cagney loved doing musicals. He looked like he was having so much fun. One final note is that Cagney and Blondell defintely should have done more films together. Great pair.
  13. The reason I don't explain in too much detail why I love a certian film because I'm always worried that I'll sound stupid. I go to the movies with my dad, we watch mostly action movies, he doesn't watch any TCM.. but it doesn't matter, I can still enjoy newer movies but anyway, as we leave a theater, Dad takes out a cigerette and smokes on the way home and this is our conversation about the movie we just saw: Me: Really good movie, pops Dad: Yeah, it was. Me: I really like Leo in these roles. Dad: ...... Wanna have dinner at my house? That's it. Almost every time, I can ne
  14. I understand your pov Mr. Blandings and you know I somewhat I agree with you but for me, I do want the best movie shown if at all possible. Some studio era films just like modern era stink. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be shown and they are but if a great modern era movie that isn't shown elsewhere happens to show up on TCM once or twice a year I certianly would have no issue with it. I have every movie channel in my cable package and TCM is the best and its not just because of classic movies, its because they don't have a week rotation for their films. You turn on the billion HBO, Showtim
  15. I was watching "Three on a match" today the TCM ondemand feature and it struck me.. That was my first Joan Blondell movie and once again I'm upset that I missed her movies with my man Cagney X-( Well anyway, Joan was radiant, bubbly and pretty brilliant in this movie which tbh seems more like an Ann Dvorak picture (Who I liked as well but not as much as Joan) now, I'm not big on Blondes in fact, most of my favorite ladies are brunettes but Joan charmed her way into my heart.
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