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  1. If it happened today, Preston's brother would be thrown in jail and nothing would happen to Julie as she did not conspire to have anyone killed, even begged them not to duel. As for the "****" comment, maybe it should have been spelled, "testycle." Yeah, when men get testycle someone can end up dead. Which is what happened to Buck.
  2. If Buck was my loved one, of course I'd be mad at Julie. And I'd be mad at Buck for his part in inflaming the situation. But the person who is the killer is the person who pulled the trigger. It doesn't matter what the laws were at the time. Killing another person for such a trivial thing is immoral.
  3. And as I said before, those two men agreed to duel. Hell, it was their idea. They had choices. Julie did not force them to do anything. The plot is flawed in that it tries to place all the blame on Julie.
  4. If you point a gun at someone and shoot, you are the one responsible if that person dies. We do not allow a petty, jealous woman to manipulate us into killing someone. Hell, the fact that she begs the two men not to duel makes me think she never intended for anyone to be killed. Now if you point the gun at someone and shoot, I think there is the intention to kill. So who is the guilty one?
  5. Sure our actions have consequences, but how often does a woman being a spoiled brat lead to a man being killed? On the other hand, men getting **** has lead to many men being killed. To me this makes the plot flawed. And as for Georgie, at least he didn't humble himself before a woman. Julie just about bowed down before Preston. And no one told Georgie's fiance that she should beat him and that he would love her for it.
  6. I love Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, but at the same time, I don't think she had the best singing voice. I wonder how she'd do on American Idol.
  7. I never said I wanted a spotless heroine. Again, when two men CHOOSE to take part in a duel, and one gets killed, the ultimate responsibility is on those two men. Basically this story was about putting a woman in her place. It just seems to me that there's a lot less tolerance for prideful women than there is for prideful men. If a woman has a problem with pride, she must be humbled.
  8. Buck goading Preston's brother into the duel makes me think there was some animosity between the two guys. I'm still not buying it was all Julie's fault.
  9. So anyway, did Julie knowingly put a man's life in danger in order to make Preston jealous? If so, then the "Jezabel" title is fitting. But then this makes her evil and unlikely to so quickly grow a conscience. On the other hand, if she didn't mean for anyone to be killed, then "Jezabel" is an unfair title, which is what I tend to believe. What business was it of Preston's brother to publically tell that guy that Julie was egging him on? And so a duel resulted in Preston's brother killing the guy. It was Preston's brother who deserved the blame, not Julie. She may have been selfish, but
  10. The only blood running through my veins is my own. If David even existed at all, somehow I doubt he was as wonderful as the Bible makes him out to be. Surely his kingdom didn't care for him as they were all too willing to follow Absolom in a bid to take over the kingdom. I like characters I can relate to. I can't relate to anyone who would knowingly put someone else's life in danger. And I certainly can't relate to Scarlet O'Hara.
  11. I didn't pick up that the dress was meant to humiliate Preston, but then I've only watched the movie once and I tend to pick up on more things with more viewings. If she actually intended for someone to die in a duel, then I have no use for her character at all, like I have no use for Scarlet O'Hara. Kate from The Taming of the Shrew comes to mind. Basically, I don't care for a woman being portrayed as a child in a romantic relationship. Remember, Preston was advised to beat her.
  12. But still, Julie was punished for defying a social custom. It's silly to be shunned because of the color of your dress. And I'm still bothered that the death of a man in a duel was blamed on Julie. She didn't intend for anyone to get killed. She just flirted with a guy. Why was none of the guilt put on the guy who pulled the trigger? Yes, it was good that Preston was questioning slavery, but the custom of dueling and restricting dress color for unmarried women attending balls should have also been questioned. And Julie's characterization as "Jezabel" was very unfair.
  13. I love watching old movies, but often the sexism gets on my nerves. I watched Jezabel, staring Bette Davis, the other night. Julie, the main character, is a Southern Belle who is head strong and has the audacity to challange silly social customs. She gets shunned for not wearing white to a ball. Even her fiance shuns her which leads to their breakup. Months later she wants to get back together with him, but it's too late because he married another woman. During a social gathering she finds out he was married, but not before she humbles herself before him begging his forgiveness. Her jea
  14. I saw when I was a kid. In it a boy, while playing on his balcony outside his bedroom window one night, saw his neighbours murder a man. He tells his parents, but they say he just had a nightmare. He keeps trying to convince people of what he saw, but nobody believes him. In the end his neighbours were going to kill him making it look like he fell off his balcony. I didn't get to see the ending. Does anyone know the name of this movie?
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