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  1. I'm in Cincinnati, would love to be a part of this! Let me know what I can do to help!
  2. @Kyle In Hollywood: You (and the rest of us) are correct, Bill Powell is SOTM in December. I have a list of dates and times of the confirmed movies that will be showing that month in the post below. The list I have posted may still be incomplete because, like you, I think they are still making December's schedule. Enjoy!
  3. Where do you see the schedule for December? I would like to see it and if he isn't SOTM I'd like to know who is. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know when we will have the schedule for December? I want to know what Powell movies they are playing ASAP!!!!
  5. The book Gable & Lombard was a good read but I don't take alot out of it. The only bios on Gable that I tend to hold in truth is Dear Mr G- by his secretary Jean Garceau and the bio that his widow Kathleen wrote. These people knew him intimately and can attest to his character, likes and dislikes and can relate real stories that happened. When I see a bio that have "quotes" from Gable and Lombard from home - unless I originally read it in one of the two bios above or in an old article where it actually quotes them speaking I don't tend to believe it. I mean, how do these biographers today
  6. I think I have all the movies they are showing tomorrow, but yeah, I will definately be watching. I am so looking forward to it!!
  7. Have you ever read the paperback book Gable & Lombard & Powell & Lombard? I own it, it is nothing really spectacular if you already know about these stars but I thought it was interesting that an author made the connection about them and wrote a book on it. The who book is about how they were big stars in Hollywood and how their lives all intwined together. Its nonfiction and offers a chapter biography on each and how then went into how all their lives all connected together. Bill was the only one still alive when the book came out, its an interesting read, but I wouldn't spend a t
  8. I am not aware that Bill Powell has ever been SOTM. I have been watching TCM since 1997 and I have never seen a repeat SOTM before. (I could be wrong, if so I stand corrected) Anyways, I do know he has not been SOTM since 2003, because thats when I REALLY got into him bigtime and he topped my previous favorite actor Clark Gable, who now ranks 2nd in my book. So I have purposely watched for him since then. As of December my two fav actors and my two fav actresses have all had a SOTM: Bill Powell in Dec. 2011, Clark Gable in Nov. 2004, Carole Lombard in oct. 2008 and Jean Harlow in March 2011.
  9. I have Road to Singapore (1931) on DVD so I don't know why there would be issues with the rights to it. And I am almost 100% sure that I saw Escapade on TCM for a Luise Rainer marathon once. But who knows, I could be totally wrong. When it comes to money, you never know how petty people can be. I get so mad when movies are held back because of "publishing rights". I just want to say to them "these movies are 70-80 years old people! Let em' go and be released." Good grief :-/
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