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  1. Yes, made it 'one of those mornings' didn't it ? No way to start the day. Yesterday I looked up what was scheduled for midnight (EST) and this mornings 'Noir Alley' and it wasn't the movie that was shown this morning. Freaked me out as I'm older and have memory problems. I'm running for the calendar, checking if today is really Sunday, questioning whether I had dreamed the title I thought I had read just yesterday in my guide (was it "L" something that was initially scheduled ?). I'm glad I checked here at least and found the answer. I didn't know about the 8 pm double feature tonight eithe
  2. So watcha sayin', ya mean "*Zanjeer* " doesn't appropriately honor those who have sacrificed so much to protect and preserve our freedoms ? Seriously though, what the heck are/were they thinkin' ??
  3. Was looking forward to a ice lazy Sunday and watching a few movies here on TCM - one Cary Grant movie I don't ever remember seeing before ('Crisis'). Starting with an old favorite, 'The Caine Mutiny', begins the cable signal 'freeze'. I've seen TCM enough times that it was only irksome as the length of the 'freeze' was tolerable and I figured it would all be straightened out by the time 'Crisis' came on. Nope. And its completely ruined the movie for me. My fault for letting it get to me so much - a little immature to say its ruined my Sunday but thats how I'm feeling right this minute.
  4. "TCM has been showing a lot of this kind of film lately" It seems to me the opposite has been the case - to the point that I had given up on this channel. I've mentioned in other posts that it certainly seemed in years past 'Noir' was the genre one could count on finding simply by clicking on TCM. I've since wondered if this was just 'one of those things" - coincidental and MY own particular 'luck of the draw' ? If so, my luck has seemed to change lately - that is until I saw 'White Heat' and 'High Sierra' back to back the other night. I LIVE for and flat out LOVE film' noir'! !! In mos
  5. Like anyone cares right ? LOL ! But since I've done my share of neg. posting here, I at least owe it to say 'thanx TCM' when I've enjoyed the day - watched many of my old favs, back to back, starting last night at 11:30 pm ("Odd Man Out") right through the 6pm movie this evening with "Dark Passage". I did catch a few zzz's during 'The Third Man' but hey, a guy has to get his rest. And I'm not goin' to say a blessed negative thing here, I swear. "Credit where credits due', 'kudos' and all that. Now, I turn the dial over to all you "Gidget" fans...I need some rest now anyhow :-) I did it, I di
  6. "J.K. Rowling has definitely replaced (and displaced) L. Frank Baum as THE quintessential childrens fantasy author." My kids loved these movies - they are the equivalent to TWOO for this generation for sure. I took them to see these movies and have to admit, the first one was pretty dang good up there on the big screen. I was thinking about the Easter vs 4th for 'TWOO'. Yes the 4th is a family holiday. But its an outdoors family holiday. I remember warm pop corn/hot chocolate and sitting on the rug with my pillow and a throw blanket - not too close to the screen though - I'd go blind...
  7. I have 2 kids and 6 nieces...I can tell you they would not be interested in watching "BBB" in the least !! I once tried to get them all to watch 'Its a Mad, Mad (how many 'Mads') World' - gave the old 'wait 'til you see how funny this is - you don't have to have swearing to be funny.." line. I forgot myself how dated this movie is. I was prepared to laugh myself silly. Not a single 'true' laugh in the room. They did a few forced 'chuckles' which I could tell was purely for my benefit and their own wanting to like it. I no longer found it funny - amusing at times but just not funny. I'll nev
  8. True. And they don't have Robert or Ben. Robert = my '00's Disney/Sullivan/Cronkite !! Luv ya big guy !!
  9. Sorry, meant "The Wild One'. Thanx for the 'heads up' :-)
  10. Glad to hear I'm not alone... Thing is, my life has changed considerably in the past year and I have much more time to watch movies. I can't tell if it was just an off perception of mine that TCM aired these films I luv much more often a year ago (and prior) than today or not (?). In '98 I was at work 8 hours each day so maybe I never noticed what movies were scheduled during the work day as I never paid attention - I was at work. It does seem though that the weekend schedule has changed considerably but then again, my kids are now older and out on their own - maybe I was busy with them most w
  11. Having grown up in the 60's I like the 'Easter' routine. The 4th IMHO is about this countries history. Although I can't say what 'TWOO' and Easter have in common !! AND you mentioned TNT....I'm on here now to see if anyone else is as furious with them as I am right now !!! They scheduled 'Misery' for 1:45am...so I set an alarm in case I fell asleep before it started... got up at 1:30am, made a STRONG cup 'o Joe and at 1:45 I click on TNT only to find that 'US Marshalls' is playing instead !!!!! Every listing shows it for 1:45am !!! I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER right now... and its scheduled ag
  12. Speaking of "Breaking Bad" - I'm watching 'Little Miss Sunshine" right now and I just noticed for the 1st time that the motorcycle cop who discovers the porn magazine stash in the back of the VW wagon is 'Hank" from 'Breaking Bad' .... that is 'I think'. I need to investigate. "Now back to your regular programing..."
  13. As for "Breaking Bad" over on that other channel.... well, not even sure that its 'that good' anymore. What to compare it to ? Up against the rest of the drivel out there, yes. its good. But I fear that I've become 'dumbed down' - I wonder at times. In a 'serial/soap' kinda a way I'm hooked. I have to say - when I first learned the premise of the show I was horrified. I wondered if 'Walt' would be held up as some kind of hero just because he was dedicated to his family and 'the end justified the means' would be the 'message'.No telling what would go through my head if given his Dx but I certa
  14. Thanx for responding. I think I'm gonna sit tight now. I don't like being taken to the cleaners - this is something thats never changed ! Just the fact that TW Cable actually lies in their commercial p*sses me off to know end. I know, what company doesn't bs us but to me, this is the most brazen lie I've ever heard in a commercial. Some clown(s) actually sat in a meeting and suggested "Hey, why don't we tell people that DSL is actually the old 'dial up' ? The people we're trying to reach don't have DSL yet but probably started off with dial up. They will remember what a nightmare that was...
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