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  1. Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to thank the person that suggested this movie after reading the thread. And other people suggesting this and other Cagney movies. Yes, this is partly a cheap attempt to get attention to the thread again for votes, or whatever, but it's still a good movie more people should see. Thanks.
  2. OMG, this guy is a complete menace and hack! That's some pretty harsh stuff he writes to the editors.
  3. It's suspect alright. When he starts drawing lines for their motivations. Hey, family, friends, co-stars can even give opinions on why they do what they do (case in point, James Dean- they got to interview those who knew him, and those *who knew him* gave opinions, which is a lot closer than Bret); but for example, you can't say something like "presumably" as a writer, particularly so often. The reader presumes, the writer just gets the facts and quotes, etc.
  4. "You're right, I didn't read what was written here about the book, I just saw that a book was out and I got excited. I've read many books on Gable and have one sitting on my bookshelf. But I really don't care if Clark Gable was bisexual or not. I wasn't married to him, and that's who should have been concerned with his sexual proclivities. They say Tyrone Power, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, Randolph Scott, James Dean, Lawrence Olivier and so many others were closet homosexuals/bisexuals, but that doesn't mean anything to me as a fan of theirs. Rumor and speculation does nothing to take away
  5. ...I'm becoming very, very jealous of everyone's ability to properly post images on this site..... =-|
  6. Wow, thanks so much =-)) Message was edited by: Kat1979
  7. Yeah, I saw it. Thought it was really cute.... Still wanna see it on TCM lol.
  8. Now you're just being a tease.... Haven't seen even a single clip, but everyone *raves* about it. Just read that in January they played over 40 Cagney movies, including The Strawberry Blonde. Why didn't they do that for his birthday? I think they played 3 or 4. One was a short. No fair!
  9. Hi back. Thanks for the warm welcome. =-) I've done some checking around, but still haven't been able to get anything yet. (It's a long story... ends with me having a headache. =( ) Anyway, thanks again. Have a great evening..... ~Kat
  10. Are there any Cagney fans on here? I keep seeing people list this movie as their favorite, on other sites, but it's not as well known as movies like Gone With the Wind, etc. I don't think I'm EVER going to get to see it! Half of Cagney films aren't available. I think TCM only played like three of his feature-length movies... on his birthday! Other actors get more than that on a normal day. Please help by making a request. I have to ask you all because it's not gonna be played on TCM with just me asking and I'm DESPERATE. Thanks.
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