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  1. Happy to have learned that Mary Astor (May 3rd, 1906 ? September 25th, 1987) will be Turner Classic Movies' Star of the Month for March 2014...I've always wanted to see more of her films, especially considering that I've yet to view 1932s Red Dust (it's a good thing that I didn't view the 1953 remake Mogambo first) and 1941s The Great Lie in which she won the Oscar as Best Supporting Actress.
  2. I've noticed that during the times that TCM was showcasing their SOTM series, they've had iconic stars viewed in articles like Battle of the Blondes for instance. So I thought that it would be really wonderful to have character actors and actresses featured as the Star of the Month because it would be a fun, insightful and enriching experience worth appreciating plus it gives classic film lovers a chance to view so many wonderful actors and actresses who gave Hollywood's Golden Era of Films an indelible, uncompromising, awe-inspiring and incomparable cinematic quality that comes from character
  3. For me I would love for TCM to air the 1932 British comedy Service for Ladies (released in the United States as Reserved for Ladies) starring Leslie Howard & Elizabeth Allan; it's a film that's deeply underrated but one in which we could be able to really view Howard's comedic versatility before he made 1937s It's Love I'm After alongside Bette Davis. It's great that TCM showcases so many wonderful classics uncut and commercial free; although I would've loved to see 1931s Devotion with Ann Harding in the mix via the films that TCM should air, I felt that Reserved for Ladies would make the
  4. It is both an honor and a great pleasure that Turner Classic Movies will be able to share this wonderful tribute of Robert Osborne via the Private Screenings showcase so I will definitely be looking forward to this very much; like many classic film lovers here, I've been a huge fan of Osborne and his enduring legacy on TCM. The days when I was sick, depressed or going through the difficulties of being a mom for the first time were greatly relieved whenever he appeared during the primetime airings he hosted at night; even his earlier appearances always brought a smile to my face. Robert Osborne
  5. Yes there were others who made that career change in films, some successful while others the opposite, but when Powell made the move to switch from the leading man singing his way into the heart of Ruby Keeler among others to the endearing, mysterious,rugged and tough as nails characters that made classic film noir beloved by all, he portrayed a persona that gave a depth, intrigue and edgy charisma as well...there was also a level of complexity added to his film noir roles and it allowed the viewers to see an added edge of Powell's rugged features which made me such a joy to watch in film noir
  6. I would love for TCM to feature the wonderful vastly talented actor, singer, film producer and director Dick Powell (November 14th, 1904 ? January 2nd, 1963) as their SOTM because there was so many awe-inspiring classics that he did; Powell was such a talent on screen especially in regards to the musicals that he did. But to be quite honest the films that I've deeply enjoyed him in were film noirs because he was immensely underrated and that he wasn't able to gain that cinematic recognition he so rightly deserved; thankfully so many fans here continue to praise and appreciate Dick Powell and h
  7. I'm sure that many classic film lovers out there have been giving so much in regards to selflessly expressing your input as to what classic movies should be showcased on Turner Classic Movies via the Suggest a Movies, and so I'd thought that I could take the time to ask/direct the same questions to all of my classic film friends out there who view TCM here or internationally. For me I would love for them to show the classic film noir Ride the Pink Horse (1947) directed by & starring Robert Montgomery; I know that TCM can't air all/some of the classics due to the film's copyrights (or somet
  8. On Monday Turner Classic Movies will devote 12 hours of its day programming to the film career of the Oscar nominated American classic film actor Robert Ryan (November 11th, 1909 ? July 11th, 1973) as well as commemorating Veteran's Day; I'm very happy that TCM is able to showcase a 9 film retrospective on that day beginning at 6:00amET and I wanted to ask if there was any classic film of Ryan's that you've enjoyed him in on TV? Edited by: tcmfan4ever82! on Nov 9, 2013 10:35 PM
  9. Every time when I try to change my email address in order to update it, the website won't let me and instead it reads an error message...I understand that we can't change our profile names, but is that also limited to our email as well? Please help and thank you for listening.
  10. Along with Duccini, another actor who is alive from The Wizard of Oz is Jerry Maren who played a member of the lollipop guild from what I heard.
  11. On Tuesday August 27th, Turner Classic Movies will devote 24hrs to the multi-talented Oscar winning actor Martin Balsam with a lineup of his films including The Anderson Tapes (1971), Time Limit (1957) directed by Karl Malden, Al Capone (1959), Seven Days in May (1964) & one of my personal favorites The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) with Robert Shaw, Jerry Stiller, Earl Hindman and Walter Matthau. I didn't see many threads regarding Balsam but I thought that I would take this opportunity to commemorate and remember his cinematic legacy in a film/television career that's lasted for
  12. This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone had anything to recommend in regards to the mobile phone apps that Turner Classic Movies always displayed on their page; the reason why I asked was because everytime when TCM aired a promo for their mobile app, it keeps changing. I'm planning on upgrading to a smartphone in September and so far the only known applications that I've seen for certain mobile phones were their upcoming TCM Network, Classic Film Festival, Hollywood Tour & Classic Movie Trivia apps; I'd appreciate it if anyone had anything else regarding this or
  13. I have a couple of suggestions in regards to the film you're thinking of: Rage in Heaven or Rebecca...I hope this helps in finding out what type of classic film you're looking for
  14. I was finally able to see both film versions of the classic drama Magnificent Obsession: the 1954 film adaptation (left) with Rock Hudson & Jane Wyman as well as the 1935 original version (right) with Robert Taylor & Irene Dunne. This 1954 version had a siginificant difference in it that it was more of a lush remake directed by the legendary Douglas Sirk and yet both films became wondrous romantic tearjerkers that I've had the immense pleasure & joy of viewing; although I've deeply enjoyed seeing both film versions of Magnificent Obsession, I don't think that I could ever forget Ot
  15. At long last....I'm very happy to report that A Life of Her Own (1950), an underrated romantic melodrama starring Lana Turner and Ray Milland, will be airing on Turner Classic Movies Friday September 6th @ 11:45am ET. I loved this classic film when it first aired on TCM and I've become hooked ever since; this is one of my favorite films from the legendary career of Turner and the cast is superb including Milland, Ann Dvorak, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen & Barry Sullivan. For those who have yet to see it, I highly recommend viewing it whether you DVR the film or on the DVD itself!
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