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  1. The Governor admitted that he promised him a pardon. Billy did exactly what he promised, testified before the grand jury. The Governor broke his word. Funny thing, the Governor and Territorial Legislature broke their word to Pat Garrett too. Promised him a $500 reward, then later $5,000 reward. The state treasurer refused to pay the reward, even though Pat earned it. Colorado Newspaper said it. New Mexico said, after Billy was gunned down in an ambush, nobody was stupid enough to get in a fair fight with him. They were a lot closer to the situation than we will ever be.
  2. The question then is, if the deputies and Sheriff of Lincoln committed first degree premeditated murder of John Tunstall. Which they did, what does that say about Billy's actions afterwards? Billy was deputized to bring the murderers to justice. What you look for and don't find in Billy's story is innocent victims. It all depends on John Tunstall's murder, all evil in this story flows from that. Garrett's deputies were members of the Posse that committed the murder, then what does that say about them. I read that a friend of Billy's said he was the hand of the LORD, enforcing justice. I think that the problem is that some look at it from a Law and Order point of view, I from a Justice point of view. Hitler and Stalin had law and order, but there was no justice. Just something to think about.
  3. Only problem, both deputies were tied to the murder, in cold blood, of storeowner John Tunstall. Which is the event which started the Lincoln County War. The Governor broke his word, after Billy testified before the Grand Jury, he promised to give Billy a pardon. He lied. Billy escaped after shooting both deputies, less than two weeks from his hanging. Bob Olinger was a bully, viciously beating Billy every chance he got, while he was handcuffed. They had to have a grand jury, the British Government lodged a formal complaint over the murder of John Tunstall by Sheriff Brady. The Governor apparently was only buying time, lied to Billy, but had no intention of prosecuting and jailing the 50 men indicted by the Grand Jury for crimes occurring during the Lincoln County War. The fix was in, the corrupt men behind the murder of Tunstall, including the DA and the Judge who sentenced Billy to death, dropped charges against everyone else. The only one ever convicted of any crime during the Lincoln County War, was Billy McCarty. One panel of historians from Kenny Rogers The Real West, which was accurate, said nobody was what they seemed to be. And some of the worst, most cold-blooded murderers wore badges. That isn't justice.
  4. There is no higher cause than to give someone justice, who didn't receive it in their lifetime. There are many people, including myself, who believe Richard III was framed by Henry Tudor for the murder of the Princes in the Tower. Henry's ally and fellow traitor, Henry Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham was Constable of the Tower, the man actually in charge of the Tower of London, the Castle where Edward V and his brother Richard of York were staying before they were murdered. He is the one man who knew the truth, he started a rebellion of his own, he had a claim for the crown, in parallel with Henry Tudor and the treasonous Stanleys. Leo Frank is another case. If Sheriff Brady had been honest and enforced the law justly, there were have been no Billy the Kid. Billy, Brady, Tunstall, McSween and Brewer would have all died in their beds. The photo of the young Billy comes from his friend Dan Dedrick's family, the other one comes from another family connection.
  5. Time for a new movie about Billy the Kid. After everyone rallied to make sure that Billy McCarty(Bonney) wouldn't get the pardon that Governor Lew Wallace promised him in 1881 a couple of years ago, I think it is time for another movie about Billy. Almost all the movies until now, have failed to tell his story correctly. I'll give you an example, Billy was actually a deputized office of the law, while Sheriff Pat Garrett, the man who shot Billy in an ambush, was actually previously an outlaw. Billy was reputedly the second fastest gun in the West, after Wild Bill Hickok. Like Wild Bill, Billy used his reputation to keep him out of gunfights, not get him into trouble. He was an incredibly good shot, but what made him really dangerous, he was ambidextrous and a dead shot with either hand. Billy was an orphan at 14 and forced to survive on his own. Nobody has any right to complain, when you learn the facts he comes out much better than history records. One Western Historian called him the first Geek Gunslinger. He was a lot more well known for reading books, than shooting people---until Sheriff Garrett wrote Billy's(fictional) life story. I remember reading an article about Billy when I was a kid. It made me mad, they had a picture of Billy's Mom's gravestone. The Chamber of Commerce labeled it Kathrine Antrim mother of Billy the Kid. She was the mother of Billy and Joe(they forgot him altogether) McCarty. And nobody ever had a bad thing to say about her boys until she died. I have a photo of the real Billy on my blog, if you are interested and he definitely looks geeky: http://briankeithohara.blogspot.com/2014/11/billy-kid-was-more-likely-to-kill-off.html
  6. Hello Everyone, I am a friend of Aaren, the daughter of Academy Award Winning Actor Bobby Driscoll. Bob was an artist of some note in Los Angeles, while living in Malibu. One of his works is in the Wallace Berman collection at Hirschhorn Museum of Modern Art, which is part of the Smithsonian Museum. Bob died in New York City in 1968 at 371 East 10th Street. At the time he was an associate of Andy Warhol (having apprenticed under Wallace Berman. Wallace's son grew up calling Bob, Uncle Bob). While in Malibu and New York he worked on paintings and montages. Nobody seems to know where any of them are. Bob's daughter, Aaren, last saw her Dad at age 6 and has nothing to remember him by. She, her sister Kathy and brother Daniel, want to find one of Bob's works of art to remember their Dad. Any help would be much appreciated by the family. Thanks, Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl@hotmail.com)
  7. Humphrey BogartJames Garner Gregory PeckActressesGreta GarboGrace KellyJudy Garland
  8. I have created a page on my blog about "Junior" and was amazed that most people say there really isn't information about him on the net, except on my page. Leslie Haliwell said he was one of the four great child actors before 1940(Jackie Coogan, Junior Coughlin, Judy Garland and Jackie Cooper). I would appreciate any information that people could provide and I will add it to my page: http://briankeithohara.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-09-05T03:29:00-07:00&max-results=7&start=21&by-date=falseThanks,Brian
  9. "Junior" Durkin and was an orphan by the time he was 14. His mother had been a secretary with the Shubert Theatre on 44th Street in New York City. During her illness, Junior and his sisters, Grace and Gertrude lived in a Catholic Orphanage, St. Mary's just outside of New York City. Within the 5 years following his mother's death, Junior appeared in 13 movies and 5 plays. Then he went to San Diego with his best friend, Jackie Coogan and Jackie's Dad, Jack. During the drive to the Coogan Ranch near the Mexican Border, a car passed them and then cut in front of them along the Imperial Highway near Pine Valley. When Jack Coogan slammed on his breaks the car went over the embankment and flipped over and over. Jackie Coogan and Junior Durkin were riding in the rumble seat. Jackie was able to hold on, while Junior was thrown out of the car and landed in the creek bed. Jackie(with broken ribs) struggled to get Junior and his Dad up to the road in hopes of flagging down help. Both died in the arms of the crying, distraught former child star. I can't find any website which includes very much information about Trent so I have included his story on my blog: http://briankeithohara.blogspot.com/ I will gratefully add any information provided to Junior's story. Message was edited by: bkohatl
  10. I was researching Jackie Coogan and the car wreck which killed his father, Jack and best friend, "Junior Durkin", and ran across a story about Trent "Junior" Durkin and Henry Willson. I barely remember watching Huckleberry Finn in which Trent appeared from about 40 years ago when I was 10. I remember thinking how much better it was than Mickey Rooney's polished MGM version. I was just wondering if anyone had any information about Jackie Coogan and the car wreck which killed his Dad and Junior, or any information about Trent and Henry Willson?
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