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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. My memories are quite a jumble these days. Glad there are people out there that really know their stuff.
  2. I clearly remember a cartoon I used to see on TV in the early 1960's that I believe was from the 1940's. A young boy and girl fall asleep and are haunted by ghosts singing "You talk too much, you talk too much, you never shut up, you talk too much...boo-oooo-oooo." I think there may have been a series of these with the boy and girl being used as behavioral anti-role-models. Anyone know this cartoon?
  3. Thanks for your help. Peace.
  4. I only saw this movie once and I can't remember the cast at all. The story was about a girl who caused any mechanical device to stop working when in close proximity to her. She was cured when she fell in love. In the closing scene the newly-weds are on a train which lurches to a stop moments after the husband goes off to see about some errand. He rushes back to his new bride and asks if she still loves him; she assures him she does and explains that the train stopped due to a late arriving passenger or some such. The movie was filmed in the 40's or early 50's. Please help its driving me (
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