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  1. Oooh. Yeah, Hedy Lamarr could bring on a need for ice and quinine. Especially in White Cargo. She was the second light-skinned star I "fell for" when I was young (the first was Merle Oberon). Happy viewing. And thanks for the help.
  2. SCSU and Dobbs: Where the hell ARE you guys such that it's "blasted hot" and you need quinine? Guyana?
  3. Wow. Thanks, Dobbs, for the photos and the clip (and the info about posting pics here). The connection with Bradford could be quite useful in finding out "whatever happened to...." Ms. Adler. I'm curious now. I mean, as one can see from the MLC clip, she seemed to have quite a personality. It's odd that she did only two films and then "disappeared." Tragic story? And yes, as one can sense from the clip, she was quite short (with well-developed, "cute" legs). I guess that should've been a clue that she isn't Celeste Holm, because I don't think Ms. Holm is that short. Oh, well. And
  4. I think the mystery is solved. I went back to the film and watched the scene again, a couple of times. At one point, W.C. Fields refers to her as a "pygmy." In the IMDB credits, there is a Fay Adler listed as playing "Mrs. 'Pygmy' Allen." I'm pretty confident that's her. Don't know how that "pygmy" rerference escaped me. Fay Adler apparently only appeared in two films, My Little Chickadee and The Bank Dick, and there's no bio info on her at IMDB. So something of a mystery lady. A pity. Anyway.....thanks to all for your help.
  5. Well.........what do you think? Is it Celeste Holm in the photo from My Little Chickadee?
  6. Thanks. or http://tinypic.com/r/a9p8qt/3 Not clear which is the appropriate URL.
  7. How does one do that? Copying/pasting doesn't work.
  8. Yes, I think it's almost certainly Wake Me When It's Over (1960). Operation Mad Ball was set in Europe. If you really like the film, check out Teahouse of the August Moon (1956).
  9. Every source I've seen (IMDB, Wikipedia, etc.) says Celeste Holm's film debut was in 1946's Three Little Girls in Blue. But the woman who plays the sassy, inebriated bar patron in 1940's My Little Chickadee looks an awful lot like Celeste Holm. The odd thing is that the character in the film doesn't seem to get a credit, even in IMDB's "full cast and crew." And the scene is actually pretty snappy. I've posted a still of the woman in question on my profile. Anybody have any info? TIA Ralph Novy
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