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  1. I'll ask a second question about this movie. I watched it on TCM a couple weeks back then bought the DVD a couple days later. Is it just me or was some of the scene editing early in the movie terrible? Maybe I'm used to seemless edits but wow this was pretty bad.
  2. I'm not trying to inflame this topic, but here are some of my thoughts on what you posted. About Tora Tora Tora: Agreed 100%! About From Here to Eternity: As much as a great movie as I think this is I can't in all honesty call it a Pearl Harbor movie. A Pearl Harbor movie to me focuses on the attack, and the aftermath of the attack. It won't end right at the attack. And this is one of my favorite movies I thought all actors did a great job with this, and it's because of this movie that I've been searching for more of Burt Lancaster's films. This movie is a GREAT love story. A
  3. I know it's probably some form of bad ettiquette to post over your own post but I was just wondering something. Someone here picked on my age and a bit on my movie intelligence for picking Pearl Harbor as my favorite movie of the 2000's, and that's fine. That person I ask this question: How can you even consider 'From Here To Eternity' a movie about Pearl Harbor? It's a love story in the days leading up to Pearl.
  4. I actually forgot about Arthur Shields, and what about Harry Carey Jr? He's a great character actor in my opinion.
  5. I'll go with the two most obvious El Dorado: It's like Rio Bravo Part 2...wait...IT IS Rio Bravo Part 2! Rio Lobo: Well at least nobody's drunk this time!
  6. Pardons all around if this 'favorite' list was already done, but I was wondering who are some of your favorite character actors? Mine are, and sadly they're all pretty much tied for Number 1 spot: Chill Wills Victor McLaglen Ward Bond Barry FItzgerald Phil Harris Walter Brennan Bruce Cabot I don't know his name but the guy who played Tom Mackenzie in The Seven Year Itch. He was also the sidekick in Here Come the Waves. I know a long list, but I really can't pick one ahead of the other. I like all of their movies.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm pretty much the preverbial 'new guy' here, and was wondering about a specific movie that alot of people think is an absolute masterpiece but that I don't see so I thought I'd ask what I was missing about this movie. The movie is "How Green Was My Valley" I have it on DVD, Maureen O'Hara is one of my favorite actresses, yet this movie seems slow and boring. What am I missing about this movie?
  8. I would say it's Tora Tora Tora In Harms Way Pearl Harbor From Here to Eternity because the first 3 give more historical information than From Here to Eternity.
  9. I'll go from the 30's, as most of what I've seen from the 20's was all short features. 1930s: Big Broadcast of 1938. Bob Hope's first major movie, WC Fields, Dorothy Lamour, just a great movie with great comedy. The Informant was also very good. 1940s: Too many to mention. I'll go with Here Come the Waves. Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton and Betty Hutton. (She played twins) Great movie, great comedy. Honorable mention to The Flying Tigers, Hit the Ice, Road to Morocco. 1950s: The Quiet Man. John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara and Victor Mclaglen among others. Possibly the greatest cas
  10. My favorite Robert Mitchum movie...to quote James Caan 'Ride boldly ride till you find...El Dorado'
  11. Thanks for the help. I've always wondered because the two do look a bit alike to me. I've not had a chance to see that movie. My favorite Timothy Hutton movie to date is Everybody's All American from about 1988 I believe.
  12. Hey guys, I'm not even sure if I'm in the right board, but I couldn't get into the 'information please' board, so here goes. One of my favorite actors is Timothy Hutton, and I wondered if he was in ANY way related to Betty Hutton an actress who's work I have recently within the last year started to discover? Thanks for any help that can be supplied.
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