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  1. Its gotta be Ninotchka, I hope thats how its spelled. The movie that made me want to sign up and share my enthusiasm of the great movies onTCM
  2. Beautiful pics Jack, Has anyone mentioned Rosalind Russell yet ? And hey Orsen Welles was a **** when he was young young , heehee
  3. Hate to be so obvious but what about Rosalind Russell ? She wasn't say beautiful like Audrey Hepburn but she is still a "wow" in her own way. As for men what about Orsen Welles when he was young (like in Othello) He was a **** way back when. And by the way - what great pics!!
  4. Wow! Impressive! I can't give details, and I won't divulge my age. It simply is just this: I owe it all to my Mum. I have been blessed with the oldest parents in the burbs which enriched me greatly being exposed since the beginning of their favorites and what was hip in the genres of their time. Being exposed to films since I was 3 years old in the drive-ins (wow-remember those?-breifly) and constantly being told who is who and what I should watch. I was probably the only kid in elementary school that was aware of actors and actresses like Bette Davis, Cary Grant yadda yadda and Dana Winters even. Thanks to her I progressed in my interests and even scare her now when I talk about the movies of the 20s and 30s and the silent films. She thinks I am way to young I think?or just thinks I am crazy for my age Thanks to TCM I can fortify consistantly out here in the wild Northwest my need for my fix. No stages here, just one long progressive wonder I have embraced this and made it my own.
  5. HaHaHaHa! That was cute Too funny and I am sorry too bad for you. Its at least 50/50 chance for us in the Great Northwest As far as the programming I thin
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