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  1. It seems people are still having problems adding an avatar (photo). I used a site at this site. Hope this helps. http://tinypic.com/index.php
  2. For those of us that might not recognize just who is in the photo, or if the photo is somewhat dark, some captions would be a nice touch. Austin2
  3. Any body know why Peter Hyams, who directed 2010, chose not do a film version of the book, and essentially rewrote it for the screen ? The book is much more interesting than the film 2010, and a lot more uplifting. Austin2
  4. What are these about ? Enquiring newbie minds want/need to know Austin2
  5. I did it ! All it took was for me to grouse about something and shazam ! Austin2
  6. Holy Flippin' Cow ! There they are ! This leads me to think that uploading/downloading a photo on my profile is on the blink. Austin2
  7. Here you go. This is for an image at Tinypic.com Same image different size I know I sounded angry. Apologies for that. Its that this should be so blasted simple, yet so blasted frustrating. Austin2
  8. Is the facility to upload a photo to TCM down ? I've trying for 3 days with no luck. I tried uploading a photo from my computer with no luck. I tried downloading loading a photo from Tinyurl with no luck. I also tried from Photobucket with no luck. And before anyone thinks I had trouble uploading I didn't. The photo I chose is at both applications. The problem is at the TCM end. With so many complaining about the same thing I simply want to know is the TCM end of things working or not ?
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