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  1. If I had a cold I would want to watch Pride Of The Marines. If I had the flu I would want to watch Destination Tokyo, Air Force, and Action In The North Atlantic. The flu usually takes longer to recover from. But I've got cancer. And my doctor wants me to have radiation therapy. So I want to indulge in a guilty pleasure of mine: disaster films. Most disaster films are disasters in themselves, but there are a few gems out there. And I bought one on the weekend. The Day The Earth Caught Fire with Leo McKern and Janet Munro. If I'm going to feel really lousy for six horrid weeks I want to see someone having a worse time than me.


  2. Is the facility to upload a photo to TCM down ? I've trying for 3 days with no luck. I tried uploading a photo from my computer with no luck. I tried downloading loading a photo from Tinyurl with no luck. I also tried from Photobucket with no luck. And before anyone thinks I had trouble uploading I didn't. The photo I chose is at both applications. The problem is at the TCM end. With so many complaining about the same thing I simply want to know is the TCM end of things working or not ?

  3. Thanks for the link, but I already came to the site, and made a copy. I was really hoping you'd answer the question as to why four months of emails weren't sent.


    In the original post I asked the following,


    I have been unable to find out what films might be playing in one months time. Has this service been suspended or terminated ?


    For some reason this question was ignored. The admin never even touched on it. Didn't say "I'll look into this" or anything of the sort. Would anyone care to field this one ?


  4. Ever since I joined this web site I have been getting a listing for all the movies shown on TCM each month. Ok, sometimes it was late by a few days. But now the movies listing has completely stopped. My ISP insists it is not holding any mail from the web address tcm.com. I have not been getting any listing since August. That's right, Setember, October, November, and December never came. And the thing that really bugs me is a film I wanted to see, and wanted to tape was on Dec.1.


    I wanted to leave a message about this in October, but the admin for this site was saying something about a problem with an update, an update that seems to caused far more problems than it solved. And I thought that might be the culprit.


    Also since this update I have been unable to find out what films might be playing in one months time. Has this service been suspended or terminated ?


    I joined this site because of my love for film. Not knowing what's going to airing makes coming to this site somewhat questionable.


    If the movie lists can't get past my ISP and their over zealous mail servers I'm willing to join again if that will solve the problem.


    Tom Austin

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