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  1. The names were switched in the Peggy Webling Play, in the late 1920's. Whoever decided on the change must have thought the name of "Henry" sounded more "up-to-date"
  2. I'd really like to see the new, CRITERION version of HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT, as well as the 1930 Version of JOURNEY'S END. Two other very fine films are ONE MORE RIVER, which was based on the last entry of THE FORSYTE SAGA. (This one was also directed by James Whale, ( who knew his Star well, and also knew how to get questionable content past the Hays Office.) It also had the nerve to shine the light on Spousal Rape, as well as England's antiquated Divorce Laws..... (Essentially, a woman couldn't get a Divorce, unless the husband was willing to allow it....even if she had been ba
  3. Right now, I'm thoroughly enjoying IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE! It was a favourite of my mom and dad, because he briefly taught School in a small rural town in upstate New York. The Farmers and their Families were VERY Thrifty, and Dad got an Equally Thrifty Salary for teaching Math, Chemistry and PHYS-ED. He was also the YOUNGER Son....named HARRY! When we went to see Newport, in the late 1960s, it no longer exsisted. Apparently it started during WWII, when the men were in the Service, and their Wives moved into Cities and Defense Plants. 😞
  4. Jackie Coogan, Mary Ann Jackson George "Spanky" McFarland, Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer Darla Hood, Jean Darling, Stymie Beard, Tommy Bond Freddie Bartholomew Sybil Jason, Shirley Temple, Jane Withers Terry Kilburn "Bobs" Watson, Cora Sue Collins, Marcia Mae Jones
  5. I've loved SOMEWHERE IN TIME since the very beginning: from "VHS" home copies, through the first OFFICIAL VHS cassettes all the way to DVDs and Blu-Ray. The John Barry score is STILL my "Go To" , on days when things get fouled up, and you want to wash the Evening News out of your hair...❤️
  6. It's been almost 50 years since I've seen it, but I LOVED the ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED.
  7. My Absolute FAVOURITE, is THE BISHOP'S WIFE.....with IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE a Very Close Second.
  8. COME TO THE STABLE, with Loretta Young and Celeste Holme
  9. CORNISH RHAPSODY, as played by Mantovani.
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