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  1. A friend of mine is preparing a book which features photos of old movie posters and lobby cards. She claims that film posters printed prior to 1964 are no longer copyrighted, and therefore the images can be used in a book without permission. This doesn't sound right to me, but I can't find any information to either confirm or deny her claim. Does anyone in the TCM universe know the answer? Thanks very much
  2. Hi - Does anyone know the name of the music played at the opening of Sunday Silent Nights? Thanks very much.
  3. "Mitty" aired 4 or 5 times on TCM during 2009. I'm sure they'll show it again, but let's ALL urge TCM to show more Danny Kaye....especially the never-shown KNOCK ON WOOD and ON THE DOUBLE. Thanks
  4. Thanks TCM for showing "L.A. Confidential" last night. I really enjoyed it, but I nearly choked when I heard the DA utter the line "the press will have a field day with this....". That line was already a cliche in the 1930's.
  5. Did anyone read that article in last Sunday's New York Times about blue-ray DVDs and their impact on the DVD market? There was a fascinating statistic in the article - of the almost 163,000 titles in the TCM film database, only 6,000 of these titles have been released on DVD - less than 4%. This is a very persuasive argument for people to get DVD recorders and make their own DVDs, so that they can record these great films that may never be officially released on DVD. I'm not a salesman, but I'm including this link to show how affordable a good DVD recorder can be. Blank DVDs are very inexpen
  6. After the last horrible decade, you would think that most rational people would be sick to death of hearing the "conservative" point of view - twisted, petty, arrogant and selfish as it is. Conservatives dominate the media with their bile,lies and distortions --- yet incredibly they have the gall to call it "the liberal media". Anyways, I think BEN MANKIEWICZ does an excellent job as the TCM weekend host, and it would be terrible to lose him because some childish "conservative" doesn't like his opinions. Thanks for everything TCM does. - Barth
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